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Python for Beginners 2017

Getting Started :
About the Instructor
Quick Start: Writing Your First Python Program
Using the Shell Window
Writing Code in the Editor Window
Executing Python on the Command Line

Output :
Section Introduction
The print() Function
Separators and Newlines

Variables :
Section Introduction
Variable Assignment
Number Variables (Int, float and complex)
String Variables
Substrings and Concatenation
Variables with Lists, Tuples and Dictionaries

Operators :
Section Introduction
Python Mathemtical Operators
Order of Operations
Python Comparison Operators
Python Logical Operators

Code Branching :
Section Introduction
Simple If Statements
If.... Else Statements
Nested If Statements
Ternary Operator

Loops :
Section Introduction
While Loops
For Loops
Nested Loops
Break and Continue Statements

Math Functions :
Section Introduction
Casting Functions
Mathematical Functions
Random Functions

Python String Functions :
Section Introduction
capitalize(), center() and count()
find(), isalpha(), isdigit()
join(), len(), split()

Tuples and Dictionaries :
Section Introduction
Creating Tuples
Accessing Values in Tuples
Tuple Functions
Declaring a Dictionary
Accessing and Editing Values in Dictionaries
Dictionary Functions

Time and Date :
Section Introduction
The Time Tuple
The Calendar
Time and Calendar Functions

Python Functions :
Section Introduction
Defining and Calling a Simple Function
Required Argument Functions
Keyword Argument Functions
Default Function Arguments
Return Statement
Creating and Consuming Python Modules

Input/Output :
Section Introduction
Reading Keyboard Input
Reading an External Text File
Writing an External Text File

More with Python :
Section Introduction
Handling Exceptions
Web Server Coding with Python
Processing Form Data in Python
Wrap up and Goodbye

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