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Udemy Public Speaking: Financial Advisers Convey Your Expertise

Video Introducing this tutorial

Your Clients and Prospects Will Understand and Retain Your Key Ideas :
You Will Give Great Presentations That Happen to Be Financial in Nature
Earn Trust from Prospects and Clients Every Time You Speak
Please Introduce Yourself
Accomplish Your Goals After Every Presentation

Having a Laser Like Focus on Your Messages for Each Presentation :
You Will Eliminate the Randomness Found in Other Financial Presentations
7 Steps For Getting the Most Out of this Course
Assignment: Testing Your Communication To Make Sure It Works
Exciting New Update to this Course
Stories from the Clients You Have Served
Make Yourself the Star, Not the PowerPoint Slides
More PowerPoint Tips
Draw Conclusions

Practice :
Critique from Others
Video Practice
Time to Give TJ a Piece of Your Mind
Bonus Update - You Should Get on the TikTok App Now

Housekeeping Matters :
Your Questions Will Be Answered Here, In Video
Before We Start, Here is the #1 Tip to Improving Your Communication Skills
If You Like to Learn by Reading
Who is TJ Walker?
$10,000 Guarantee This Course Will Make You a Better Communicator

Closing Thoughts :

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Here Is How You Can Get your Certificate of Completion for this Course
Final Bonus Lecture: Huge Discounts on Other TJ Communications Courses