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Projects in Java

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :

Learn to Build a Media Player in Java :
MediaPlayer - Project Introduction
MediaPlayer - Creating Classes
MediaPlayer - Building Functionality
MediaPlayer - Menu bar

Learn to Build Game in Java :
Games in Java - Basic building blocks
Games in Java - Creating Runnable Class
Games in Java - Game Logic
Games in Java - Fine tuning the project

Learn to Develop a Messenger in Java :
Messenger in Java - Introduction to the Project
Messenger in Java - Creating the classes
Messenger in Java - Interface elements
Messenger in Java - Adding Login Menu
Messenger in Java - Final wrap up

Use Database in Java :
Database in Java - Project Introduction
Database in Java - Classes
Database in Java - Connect database class
Database in Java - Connectivity Class
Database in Java - Update database class

Workload Distribution System Using Akka :
Workload Distribution System Using Akka - Introduction
Workload Distribution System Using Akka - Setup and product info
Workload Distribution System Using Akka - System and actors
Workload Distribution System Using Akka - Creating main Actor
Workload Distribution System Using Akka - Prime Worker & Master

Building a TextEditor in Java :
TextEditor - Introduction to the Project
TextEditor - Creating classes
TextEditor - Updating classes
TextEditor - File browser
TextEditor - Project wrap up

Servlet :
Servlet - Project Introduction
Servlet - Creating the first servlet
Servlet - Making Connections
Servlet - Registration module
Servlet - Editor Class Servlet

Maven :
Maven - Introduction to Apache Maven
Maven - Features
Maven - Repositories
Maven - Archtype

Camera :
Camera - Project Introduction
Camera - Camera Frame Class
Camera - Panel Class
Camera - Implementing face detection

Using of Website Parser in Java :
Website Parser - Project Introduction
Website Parser - Image Grabber class
Website Parser - WordCount Class
Website Parser - Implementing links

Course Summary :