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Udemy Programming in Microsoft C# – Exam 70-483

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Important - Download These First - Working Files
What To Expect From This Course
Course Overview
MCSD Certification Options
How To Access Your Working Files

Setup :
Visual Studio
Getting Visual Studio Community Edition
Installing Visual Studio
Visual Studio Basics
Demo Examples
Visual Studio Features
Code Regions
Visual Studio Settings

C# Basics :
Why C#?
Characteristics Of C#
Object Oriented Programming - Part 1
More on Object Oriented Programming
Understanding Classes
Understanding Objects
Classes And Objects Example - Part 1
More on Classes And Objects Example
C# Types
Value And Reference Types
Using Collections And Arrays - Part 1
More on Using Collections And Arrays
Exception Handling
Exceptions Example
StringBuilder - Part 1
More on StringBuilder
StringWriter And StringReader - Part 1
More on StringWriter And StringReader

Working With C# Types :
Properties And Fields
Using Properties And Fields - Part 1
More on Using Properties And Fields
Methods: Public/Private And More
Access Modifiers
Named And Optional Arguments
Understanding Constructors
Using A Constructor
Understanding Static
Understanding Structs
Struct Example
Generic Types - Part 1
More on Generic Types
Casting And Converting - Part 1
More on Casting And Converting
Casting And Converting continued
Boxing And Unboxing
Indexers - Part 1
Indexers continued

Implementing Class Hierarchies :
The Magic Of Inheritance - Part 1
More on The Magic Of Inheritance
Using Inheritance
Inheritance Example - Part 1
More on Inheritance Example
Understanding Overloading
Overloading Example
Overriding Methods
Override Example
Extension Methods
Understanding Interfaces
Creating An Interface - Part 1
More on Creating An Interface
Explicit Interface Implementation - Part 1
More on Explicit Interface Implementation
Implementing IEnumerable - Part 1
More on Implementing IEnumerable
Implementing IEnumerable continued

Understanding Delegates :
What Is A Delegate?
Creating A Delegate - Part 1
Creating A Delegate continued
Multicast Delegates - Part 1
Multicast Delegates continued

Understanding Events :
What Is An Event?
Basic Event Example - Part 1
Basic Event Example continued
Using EventHandler
Using EventArgs - Part 1
Using EventArgs continued

Garbage Collection :
Garbage Collection Basics
Understanding Dispose
Understanding Finalizers
Understanding IDisposable
Implementing IDisposable

Asynchronous Programming :
Understanding Multithreading
Creating A Thread
Managing A Thread
ThreadPool - Part 1
ThreadPool continued
Async And Await
Async And Await Example - Part 1
Async And Await Example continued

Data Security :
Basics Of Assemblies
GAC Basics
Encrypting User Files - Part 1
Encrypting User Files continued
Hashing Data - Part 1
Hashing Data continued

Conclusion :
Wrap Up