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Programming for your own use by MS Access

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to the Course :
Download Resources involved in all training steps

Why Database and How to make it right :
Difference between Database and non database
Test for basic knowledge about Database
1 question

Data Mining :
Access Filtering
Query Filtering 1
Query Filtering 2
Query Filtering 3
Group and summary 1
Group and summary 2
Normal Calculation
If Then Else
Date Conversion
Quick Matching and Join direction
Excercise 1 : Data Mining and Join Test

Normalization - 4 basic concepts :
Normal 1 No typing allowed for Repeated Data
Normal 2 Vertical Thinking
Normal 3 Split Data into Header and Details for 'One to many' statement
Normal 4 Details out all valuable data

System Analysis and Program Design :
Variable Naming
Gathering all data needed on Excel
Utilized Normal 2
Utilized Normal 3
Utilized Normal 1
Exercise 2 : Design Practice

Table/Database :
Configure Setting
Create Table
Give ID Key to all tables
Adjust Data format and Create Dropdown 1
Adjust Data format and Create Dropdown 2
Adjust Data format and Create Dropdown 3
Quiz 2
7 questions

Form - User Interface :
Form Introduction
Form assign
Good Forms must created from Query
1 Single Table Form - Form View
2 Single Table Form - Datasheet View
3 Single Table Form - Pop Up Form
4 Mother and Child - Form View
5 Mother and Child - Datasheet View
Exercise 3 Form Assigned
Quiz 3
3 questions

Automation :
Search or Filter from Form View
Search or Filter from Datasheet View
Double Click Set Value
Quiz 4 Code test on Automation
2 questions

Report :
Query Report for Trace and Track Part 1
Query Report for Trace and Track Part 2
Export Data to Excel for Pivot Summary
Printed Forms Part 1
Printed Forms Part 2

Manage Program :
Create Switchboard
Backup and Delete Old Data
Quiz 5 Compact
1 question

From Standalone to Network :
Network Conversion
Adjustment after program implemented
Quiz 6 Network concerned
1 question