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Productivity Systems For Social Media Managers

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome to the course :
Introduction to Productivity Hacks course
What you need to know before getting started

Social media marketing & productivity :
How much time do we spend on social media management
Why do we need to be more productive on social media
Tools to track & measure your online time
Demo - How to use RescuTime to measure your online activities

Productivity hacks for content creation :
How to save time while creating content
Tools to create images for social media
Use this tool to create engaging images in 30seconds
Use this tools to create awesome images for Twitter
Use this tool to create amazing images in a snap
Here is the best and fastest image creation tool
Tools to create engaging social media videos
Use Animoto to create awesome videos
Use Flipagram to create social media videos
Tools to create infographics
Use Easelly to create infographics
Creating images
1 question

Productivity hacks for content curation :
Content curation and time saving tips
Use feedly to curate content fast
Use Twitter lists to curate social media content

Productivity hacks for social media posting :
How to save time while posting and scheduling content
Use this tool and save time while posting and scheduling
Some hidden features to use while posting content
Another tool for social media scheduling
Schedule content on social media
1 question

Productivity hacks for social media listening :
How to save time while monitoring and listening on social media
Use Hootsuite for social media listening
Use Google Alerts for social media listening

Productivity hacks for social media reporting :
Save time while create social media reports
How to create simple reports quickly
Using Hootsuite for social media reporting

Social media automation to save time :
Time Saving Social Media Automation hacks
Use this tool to auto post on social media channels
Use RSS feeds with Hootsuite for automation

My Social media management system :
Creating an effective social media management system

Conclusion & What is next? :
What are the next steps for you
All resources and link from this course