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Productivity Masterclass: Become Ultra Productive In 1 Week

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Welcome to this Course!
About the Instructor - Leon Chaudhari (CEO Teaching Hero & Productivity Expert)
Mentorship: Your Private Productivity Mentor! Become Ultra Productive!
What Will Your Learn In This Course To Become Ultra Productive?
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Productivity: The Basics of Developing Ultra Productivity :
Chapter Introduction: Productivity: The Basics of Developing Ultra Productivity
What Do We Mean By Ultra Productivity? And How Can We Reach It?
Natural Productivity Cycles & How They Affect You
The Prodomo Technique - Never Get Tired At Work!
Goal-Setting Advice: Building Confidence In Yourself (Part 1)
Goal-Setting Advice: Building Confidence In Yourself (Part 2)
Shortening Meetings & How To Save Time In Business
Taking Breaks - When Is The Best Time To Do So ?
The Power of Saying No - How It Helped Me to Become Ultra Productive
Silencing Your Inner Perfectionist: The Art of Being Imperfect
Stop Creating To Do Lists, Start Creating Schedules + Software Applications
The Two Minute Rule: Get Things Done More Quickly!
Don't Drown in the Shallow End of the Pool
(10+2)*5 The Ultimate Formula for Productivity!
Changing Your Working Environment Constantly To Boost Creativity
Become Lazy & More Productive At The Same Time
Your Task Deputy: The Iron Fist Who Keeps Control of Your Productivity Levels
Motivational Video: My Best Motivational Hack
Setting Specific Times To Check Your E-Mail

Ultra Productivity In Real-Life: Every Day Hacks for More Productivity :
Paying Bills Automatically: Save Time On Bills
Ignoring The News and How That Can Make You More Productive
Public Commitments & How They Push You Towards Success
Turning Off Alerts & Eliminating Distractions
Streamline Your Wardrobe Like Mark Zuckerberg
Making the Most Out of Lost Hours: How I Make Time for Everything
Back up and Sync up: Never Lose Your Files Again
Turn Off The TV - Statistics About Using The TV
Setting Deadlines - How Stress Can Help You (Part 1)
Setting Deadlines - How Stress Can Help You (Part 2)
Never Taking The Foot Off The Pedal: How To Deal With Success
The Difference Between Urgent and Important Work

Morning Routine Productivity Hacks: The Full Breakdown :
The Concept of Time & Why It Should Scare You
What Does My Morning Routine Look Like?
Identifying The Goal of Your Daily Morning Routine
Waking Up Earlier & How It Will Make You More Productive
Exercising In The Morning - The Scientific Approach
Writing Down the Most Important Tasks Every Morning
How To Use The Time Being Stuck In Traffic Properly
The Cold Shower-Breathing Routine: Jumpstart Your Morning
The Power of Thought-Dumping: Learn To Start Your Thought Journal
The Art of Meditation: How To Use Meditation & Prayers Properly
The Goal Theory: How To Set Short, Middle & Long Term Goals Properly
Setting Goals Every Evening: How They Can Help Your Morning Routine
The Power of Visioning & Why Successful People Vision
Social Media, E-Mail & Their Influences On Your Morning Routine
Imposing A Daily Habit: Habit-Building Advice
Imposing A Daily Habit: Habit-Building Advice (Part 2)
The Scientific Background Behind Protein: The Right Protein Intake
Uplifting Content: Read Or Listen To Uplifting Content
Talking To Loved Ones: Jumping-starting Your Morning
Ambient Songs: Scientific Research On Ambient Songs
Setting The Alarm At The Same Time Every Single Day
Exercising In The Morning: The Full Guide (Part 1)
Exercising In The Morning: The Full Guide (Part 2)
The Power of Mirrors: How To Use The Mirror To See Your Inner Self
Recording Re-Affirmation Mp3s & CDs

Food Hacking: Increase Your Productivity With Food Hacks :
Finding The Right Diet: How To Get More Time Every Day By Planning Meals
Meal Delivery & How It Can Give You 2 Hours Back Every Single Day
Drinking Water: The Effects of Water On The Human Body
Food: The Processing of Food Explained & How It Influences Your Morning Routine
The TOP 5 Breakfasts For Productive People
BCAAs, Protein Shakes, Kreatin & Other Supplements

Advanced Productivity: Natural Effects & Their Influences on Your Productivity :
How Colors Can Improve Your Productivity
The Power of Losses: How to Work Harder
The Wall of Motivation: How I Became Ultra Productive
The Shanghai - Beijing Train Story & How it Changed My Life
Working In The Right (Quite) Environment

Ultra Productivity Software Tools: The Full Set of Software Applications :
Toggl: Timing Activities & Increasing Productivity Massively
The Art of Outsourcing: Let Other People Do The Work For You
Yast: The Ultimate Tool for Proper Time Management (FREE)
Mint Software: Automizing Your Transactions & How to Save Time

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