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Productivity Hacks Get More Done in Less Time

Video Introducing this tutorial

2. Use the 8020 Rule
3. Start Your Morning Routine
4. Meditation for Entrepreneurs
1. Double Your Productivity Instantly By Setting Goals!
2. Stephen Covey's Time Matrix! Double Your Productivity With This Killer Hack!
3. Learn How To Become More Produtivite By Beginning With The End In Mind -Covey
4. Double Your Productivity By Finding Your Motivation
5. Are You Really Being Productive Don't Beat Yourself Up!
6. Create Urgency We Are More Productive Under Pressure!
7. Section Summary and Recap! What have we learned so far
1. Introduction to My Life
2. Phil's Key Tips for Living a Productive Life
3. Find Your Productive Zone & Destroy Distractions
4. Get Organized with a White Board
5. Outsourcing with TaskRabbit and Upwork
6. Use Evernote to Track Receipts
7. Bulk Unsubscribe from Email Newsletters
8. Practice Activity Write Down 5 Goals for Today
1. What is Asana
2. Setting Up Asana and How To Use It To Boost Productivity!
3. Asana Summary and Recap
1. Double Productivity Using Microsoft Excel
2. My Excel Spreadsheet For Productivity and Daily Goals
3. Excel Summary and Conclusion
4. Action Activity Get A Productivity Tracker!
1. Intro to Google Products for Productivity
3. Google Calendar
4. Google Drive
5. Google Docs
1. Orientation
2. Day 1
3. Day 2
4. Day 3
5. Day 4
6. Day 5
7. Bonus Mediation 1
8. Bonus Meditation 2
1. Course Short Summary and Conclusion