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Productivity 10X – Your Complete Guide To Productivity

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The Productivity Secrets Begin Here! :
How to Make this Course Work for You!
#1st Killer Productivity Myth - See Why Time Management Doesn't Exist!
#2nd Killer Productivity Myth - How to Overcome the Victim Mentality!
#3rd Killer Productivity Myth - The Secret to Stop Relying on Your Will Power!
The 4 Secret Pillars of Productivity - And Almost No-One is Aware!
THE POWER of Clarity - The No 1 Reason People Never Create the Results They Want
SMART Goals Made Simple - The Effective Way!
THE POWER of Decision-The Proven Mindset of the Most Millionaires in the World!
How to Overcome Procrastination and Accomplish More FAST! - The Easy Way!
THE POWER of Boundaries - The Top Secret to Become Effective and Powerful!
How to Protect Your TIME - Discover What No-One Has Realized!
The Key to Implement Boundaries - See How EASY It Is!
Action Step - It Takes JUST 15 Minutes and It Will Change Your Perspective!

How to Discover Your TOP Activities - These Will Drive All Your Success! :
Your TOP Performance Activities - These Will Give You All The Energy You Need!
The BIGGEST Mistake Entrepreneurs Make that Limits Their Success!
The Easy Method to Calculate the Income Level You Want to Reach!
Your Personal TOP Performance Activities Explained - It's More Than You Think!
Step 1 - Analyze your Activity List-Do This and Your Life Will Change Magically!
Step 2 - Your Enjoyment Score - It's Important to Know What Your Priorities Are!
Step 3 - Develop Your Top 5 Lists - Separate What You Like from What You Hate!
Step 4 - How to Analyze Your Top 5 Performance Activities ... The EASY Way!
Wrap up - How this Module Helped you Discover What You Love Doing!

TOP SECRET: The Power of Focus - How to Double Your Productivity Overnight! :
The Power of Focus - Double Your Productivity, Get More Energy, Enjoy Life!
The No 1 Reason Why People Are Unproductive! - Everything Is Revealed!
See Why Being Focused Makes You 10x Ultra Productive!
The Proof Revealed - Why Multitasking Kills Your Productivity and Speed!
The 50-Minutes Focus - The Single, Most Powerful Tool for Getting More Done!
Action Step - This Alone Will DOUBLE Your Productivity!
Wrap up - How this Module Helped You Getting More Things Done!
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The Secret to Eliminating Distractions :
How Important it is to Control and Eliminate Distractions
The Secret to Eliminating Distractions!
How to Control your Phone Distractions!
#1st Secret Strategy to Control Phone Distractions!
# 2nd Secret Strategy to Control Phone Distractions!
#3rd Secret Strategy to Control Phone Distractions!
How to Prioritize your Calls
How to Master your Emails
#1st Secret Strategy to Email Mastery!
#2nd Secret Strategy to Email Mastery!
#3th Secret Strategy to Email Mastery!
#4th Secret Strategy to Email Mastery!
#5th Secret Strategy to Email Mastery!
How to Eliminate the Distractions when someone interrupts you
Implement these Actions and you will give 100% Attention to the love ones!

How to Develop a Powerful Productivity Routine :
What is a Successful Daily Routine
What is the concept of "Deliberate Success?"
How to Set Up Your Daily Ritual
# 1: Physical Element - create daily routines to improve your health and fitness
# 2: Nutrition Element - how to have a strong nutritional base
5 Essential Fruits You Need To Eat
# 3: Mental State - how to allow you to relax your mind
# 4: Growth Element - how to improve your knowledge base
Your Daily Routine Ritual
# 5: Gratitude - the Mother of all positive thoughts and attitudes
Important Tips! - three advises for a strong daily ritual
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Section 2 AUDIO
Section 3 AUDIO
Section 4 AUDIO
Section 5 AUDIO

How to Break Bad Habits Today! :
How to make this course work for you
Change One Habit at a Time

Secrets Revealed - You Need to Build a Strong Foundation :
The 30 Day Challenge - It Takes JUST One Month to Change Your Life
Case Study - See With Your Own Eyes What Habit I Was Able To Change
How To Set Your Starting Date - Or HOW To Stay Committed And Motivated
TOP Secret Mindset - Why Very Few People Are Doing This?
How To Make Visible Improvements - Easy Steps, Strong Results
Key Points - Build a Strong Foundation

6 Top Strategies for Accelerating Your Change :
How To Follow New Routines That Give You The Same Reward
5 Pieces of Information You Need To Record - Amazing Strategy
Why You Need To Experiment With New Rewards
How To Examine Your Mood After Completing A New Routine
Advanced Technique: Follow A Step-By-Step Plan That Gives You Super Results
Key Points - 6 Strategies for Mastering Your Hidden Motivators

Magic In Action: The Power of Your Circle of Friends :
How To Keep A Daily Journal
How To Team Up With A Friend To Accelerate Your Growth!
How To Ignore Any Negative People - Do This And Your Life Will Change!
How To Avoid Places That Trigger Bad Habits
Key Points - The Power of Your Circle of Friends

How To Build Power Habits Faster than You Could Imagine :
How To Live a Healthy Lifestyle
How To Don't Go Overboard - Don't Beat Yourself
How To Be Kind To Yourself When You Have Bad Days
How To Be Happy With Your Achievements
Key Points - Build Power Habits Faster than You Could Imagine

Final Thoughts and Special Bonuses :
Lessons Learned and What to Do Next
15 Effective Productivity Habits (1/2)
15 Effective Productivity Habits (2/2)

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