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Product Vision and Feature Prioritization for Startups

Introduction :
Course Introduction

Preliminary assessment and research for the product or service idea. :
Determine Business Destiny
Determine Niche
Determine Key Words
Exercise 1 - Determine niche and key words

Determine Product Vision :
Determine Product Vision
Determine Product Vision - Summary
Exercise 2 - Create your product vision

Feature Cards :
Feature Cards
Exercise 3 - Create Feature Cards

Feature Refinement :
Lesson 6 - Overview
Kano Analysis
MosCOw Analysis

Value and Effort Estimation :
Lesson 7 - Value Card Game Overview
Lesson 7 - Value Card Game
Lesson 8 - Effort Estimation Overview
Lesson 8 - Effort Estimation

Feature Prioritization :
Lesson 9 - Prioritization
Exercise 4 - Estimate Value and Effort then prioritize the features

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