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Produce Your First Song in Studio One

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
5 Great Features in Studio One
Setting Up Your Audio Interface
Assignment 1: Now to set up your own audio device
Taking a Look at the User Interface
Checking if you've setup the right Block Size
1 question

Using Audio :
Recording an Audio Track
Using the Editing tools to edit your Audio
How to Punch In, and Comp your Audio
Let's test you with some Audio questions
2 questions

Using MIDI :
Let's setup MIDI Devices
Recording Drums with a MIDI Instrument
Recording a MIDI Bass Part
Assignment 02: Recording to a Track
Converting Audio to MIDI with Melodyne
Using Melodyne with Audio
1 question
Assignment 3: Edit some audio with Melodyne
Exploring Synth Sounds with Mai Tai
Creating a Multi-Track Drumkit

Arranging and Mixing :
Adding an Arranger Track
Assignment 4: Create an Arranger Track
Organising your Tracks with Folders and Bus Outputs
Assignment 5: Grouping tracks into Folders
Exploring the Mix Console
Adding Inserts to your Tracks
Using Sends to Setup Reverbs
Assignment 6: Mixing Your Song
Get to Grips with Automation
Applying Bus Processing and Mix Engine Effects
Assignment 7: Try out some Bus Processing
Let's check how well you know the Mix Console
2 questions

Finalising Your Song :
Crash Course in Mastering your Song
Mastering Inserts
1 question
Assignment 8: Apply Mastering to your Main Output
Sketching Out Ideas with ScratchPads
Exporting Out your Song
Assignment 9: Finishing Off your Song
Bonus Lecture: Handy Resources and Tips

Extra Tips and Tricks :
Color Coding Your Tracks