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PRINCE2 Foundation Complete Course & 2 Practice Exams

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Introduction :
Welcome to the Course!
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PRINCE2 Foundation
Exam Fundamentals
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Project Management

The Seven Principles :
The Seven Principles
QUIZ: The Seven Principles
2 questions
Continued Business Justification
QUIZ: Continued Business Justification
2 questions
Learn From Experience
QUIZ: Learn From Experience
2 questions
Defined Roles and Responsibilities
QUIZ: Defined Roles and Responsibilities
2 questions
Manage by Stages
QUIZ: Manage By Stages
2 questions
Manage by Exception
QUIZ: Manage By Exception
2 questions
Focus on Products
QUIZ: Focus On Products
2 questions
Tailor to the Environment
QUIZ: Tailor To The Environment
2 questions

The Seven Themes :
The Seven Themes
QUIZ: The Seven Themes
2 questions
Business Case
QUIZ: Business Case
2 questions
QUIZ: Organization
2 questions
QUIZ: Quality
2 questions
QUIZ: Plans
2 questions
QUIZ: Risk
2 questions
QUIZ: Change
2 questions
QUIZ: Progress
2 questions

The Seven Processes :
The Seven Processes
QUIZ: The Seven Processes
2 questions
Starting Up a Project
QUIZ: Starting Up A Project
2 questions
Directing a Project
QUIZ: Directing A Project
2 questions
Initiating a Project
QUIZ: Initiating A Project
2 questions
Managing a Stage Boundary
QUIZ: Managing A Stage Boundary
2 questions
Controlling a Stage
QUIZ: Controlling A Stage
2 questions
Managing Product Delivery
QUIZ: Managing Product Delivery
2 questions
Closing a Project
QUIZ: Closing A Project
2 questions

Conclusion :
BONUS: Where to go from here?

Practice Exams (2 Full-Length Exams) :
Practice Exam #1
60 questions
Practice Exam #2