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Practice Nmap, Metasploit and Kali for Your First Pentest!

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction and Welcome! :
Course Content
Use your power with caution
1 question
Make it crystal-clear
1 question

Introduction to Pentesting and Kali :
So, what is pentesting?
Types of Pentests and Pentesting Process
Phases and Scope Summary
Lets Talk About Kali

Section 2: Wrap Up! :
Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking
2 questions

Installing Lab Environment :
Why Do We Need a Lab Environment?
Download List
Downloading Kali, Vmware Workstation, Metasploitable, Windows 7
Installing VMware Player
Installing Kali
Installing Metasploitable
Installing Windows 7

Section 3: Wrap Up! :
Installing Lab Environment
2 questions

Working with Kali :
Kali Desktop Interface and Menus
Updating and Upgrading Kali
Installing VM Tools
Essential Tools in Kali

Section 4: Wrap Up! :
Working with Kali
2 questions

Configuring Victims :
We Need Victims!
Preparing Metasploitable
Good Old Friend Windows
Making Windows Vulnerable

Section 5: Wrap Up! :
Victim Configuration
2 questions

Action Time with Nmap :
First Scan with Nmap
Types of Port Scanning
Port Scanning Practice
Service and Version Detection
Let's Scan Faster!
How to Save Nmap Results?

Section 6: Wrap Up! :
Scanning with Nmap
4 questions

Exploitation with Metasploit :
Exploitation Basics
Metasploit is THE Exploitation Framework
Diving Into Metasploit
Import Operations with MSF database
Your First Shell!
Let's Practice!
Creating Users Remotely in Limited Shells

Section 7: Wrap Up! :
Exploitation with Metasploit
3 questions

Windows Hacking and Meterpreter :
Introduction to Windows Hacking
Advanced Windows Scanning
Exploiting Windows 7
The Power of Metasploit: Meterpreter

Section 8: Wrap Up! :
Windows Hacking and Meterpreter
3 questions

Course Wrap Up and Final Notes :
First Step To Be a Professional Pentester, Completed!
Good Bye and See You Soon!