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Practice Java by Building Projects

Introduction :
The Ultimate Java Prep Guide
Survey of Course Projects
Course Pre-Requesites
Preparing the Java Environment

Build an Email Administration Application :
Overview of the Email Application
Creating the Outline for the Email Admin Class
Implementing the Constructor
Defining the Email Department
Generating a Random Password
Creating the Email Syntax
Implementing Class Set Methods
Implementing Class Get Methods
Using the Show Info Method

Build a Student Database Application :
Overview of the Student Database Application
Creating the Outline for Student Class
Initializing the Student Constructor
Creating the Unique Student ID
Implementing the Enrollment Method
Implementing the Pay Tuition Method
Cleaning Up and Finishing Touches
Creating an Array of Objects

Build a New Bank Account Application :
Overview of the Bank Application
Setting up the Project Architecture
Creating the Outline for All Bank Accounts and Interest Rate
Using Super Constructors with Inheritance
Listing Account Shared Properties
Initializing New Accounts with Constructors and Super Constructor
Generating the Account Number
Generating Account Number by Account Type
Implementing the ShowInfo Method
Implementing the Savings Account Safety Deposit Box
Implementing the Checking Account Debit Card
Setting up the Interest Rate Interface and Implementation
Implementing Account Shared Transactions
Implementing the Compound Interest Rate Method
Enhancing Application with Correct Access Specifiers
Writing a CSV Reader Utility
Determining Which New Account to Open
Creating a List of Objects