Udemy PowerPoint Essentials for Business Presentations

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to the Course :
Introduction to the Course

Create Presentations with PowerPoint :
PowerPoint Tabs Introduction
Create and Save Presentation
Slide Functions

Managing Table Tools :
Create Tables
Edit Table Layouts
Design Table Styles

Using SmartArt Graphics :
Create SmartArt Graphics
Modify and Manage SmartArt Graphics

Interactivity with Charts :
Insert Various Types of Charts
Edit Chart Elements
Change Styles and Colors of Charts
Edit and Filter Data
Format Charts

Basic Animations :
Types of Animations
Entrance Animations
Emphasis Animations
Exit Animations
Motion Paths

Advanced Animations :
Trigger Slide Animations
Managing Animation Pane
Animation Timing and Effects
Text Animation Effect

Slide Transitions :
Add Transition to Slide
Timing the Transition
Using Links in Slideshows
Setting up Hyperlinks
Using Actions with Custom Slideshows
Use Action Buttons

Managing Media in the Slideshow :
Add Pictures and Videos
Setting up Images and Videos in Slideshow
Insert and Record Audio
Format Media

Review your Slideshow :
Proofing PowerPoint Slides
Comments and Notes

Summary :
Course Summary

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