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Power BI – Analyze and Interactively Visualize Business Data

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction - What is Power BI? :
Introduction - What is Power BI?
Quiz Chapter 1
1 question

Getting Started with Power BI Pro :
Getting Started with Power BI Pro
Challenge - Create a first Power BI Report
1 question
Quiz Chapter 2
3 questions

Working with Various Data Sources in Power BI :
Using Data from Excel Tables in Power BI
Challenge - Find the Mistake!
1 question
Using Data from Normalized Excel Spreadsheets in Power BI
Update Data in Power BI
Import Data from Websites into Power BI
Import Data from a PDF File into Power BI
Import Data from a CSV File into Power BI
Import Data from Access Databases into Power BI
Action Plan - Data Sources Considerations
1 question
Quiz Chapter 3
3 questions

Elaborate a Power BI Report to Enable Decision Making :
Elaborate a Power BI Report to Enable Decision Making
Improve a Power BI Report to Increase Informative Value
Do it Yourself - Start Your Own Power BI Project
1 question
Quiz Chapter 4
4 questions

Optimize Power BI Reports to Improve Readability :
Edit Field Properties in Power BI to Improve Readability
Challenge - Edit Field Properties
1 question
Format Axes to Make Data Comparable
Visualize Benchmarks with Reference
Challenge - Format Axes and Reference Lines
1 question
Add Annotations Using Text Boxes
Create YoY Comparisons Conveniently
Visualize Data on Maps to Valorize Reports
Challenge - Visualize Data on Maps
1 question
Enrich Visualisations with Radial Gauges - Speedometer and Thermometer
Enrich Visualisations with Conditional Formatting
Challenge - Conditional Formatting
1 question
Perform Advanced Data Analysis by Using Filters and Slicers
If Default Visualizations are not Enough: Add Custom Visuals
Customize the Design of a Report
Save Key Findings in Easy-to-Access Bookmarks
Challenge - Applying Filter, Slicer and Bookmarks
1 question
Optimize Reports for Mobile Devices
Access from Anywhere with Power BI
Quiz Chapter 5
3 questions

Working with Data - Advanced Techniques :
Improve Datasets by Extracting Data from Fields and Adding Fields
Create Calculated Columns if the Data Source is Insufficient
Take Advantage of Predefined Calculations Using Quick Measures
Create Virtual Columns Using Measures
Challenge - Mastering Calculated Columns
1 question
Quiz Chapter 6
5 questions

Power BI Service - The Online Version of Power BI :
Power BI Service - First Steps
Share Power BI Reports for Collaboration
Provide Power BI Reports in Microsoft Teams
Quiz Chapter 7
4 questions

Publish Power BI Reports :
Manage Roles and Assign Users
From Complex Reports to Clear Dashboards
Set Up Alerts for Target Values
Commenting on Reports and Dashboards
Use Data Gateways to Access Local Data Safely
Optimizing Power BI with Advanced Settings
Quiz Chapter 8
5 questions

Appendix: The Various Power BI Components and how to Install Power BI :
Installing Power BI Pro
Activate the Power BI Service
Quiz Chapter 9
2 questions

Final Remarks :
Final Remarks