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Udemy Pixel art for Video games

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Introduction Video
Pixel art and its limitations

Creating pixel art - Lineart :
Working with Photoshop
Configuring the tools for pixel art
Creating lines
Creating circles
Creating Pixel art - Lineart
5 questions
Drawing your first sprite - a Sword!
Exercise - trace over a book drawing
32.2 kB
Conclusion section 2

Creating pixel art - Shading :
Shading in the real world
Shading a sphere and a cube
Shading a pyramid and a cylinder.
Creating an apple sprite - Shading
Creating an apple sprite - Outlines
Creating an apple sprite - Texture
Creating an apple sprite - Bounced Light
5 questions
Revisiting the Sword sprite - Adding shading and outlines
EXERCISE - Shading a chalice
1 page
Conclusion Section 3

Color Theory :
Color Theory introduction
Color Harmony
Color Psychology
Using color harmonies in mockups
Color Palettes
Color in shading - Part 1
Color in shading - Part 2
Colors in materials - Part 1
Colors in materials - Part 2

Working with tiles :
The basic concept of tiles
Creating the base tile
Creating a simple background and adjusting colors
Conclusion Section 4

Improving the environment :
Aditional Tiles for variation
Decorative tiles
Creating a pine tree
Reworking the background
Exercise - Building walls
1 page
Conclusion Section 5

Creating a character :
Creating the head
Creating the body
Detailing the body
Adding an outline
Conclusion Section 6

Animation :
The tools and basics of animation
Creating the base for animation
Breathing life into the character with secondary animation
Animating a run cycle
Completing the run cycle
Animating an attack
Exercise - Character
1 page
Conclusion Section 7

Bonus Round - Importing to unity :
Importing sprites into unity
Recreating the animations in unity
Making it interactive with free scripts

TopDownTiles :
What is topdown perspective
Different types of techniques
Creating Path Tiles - Setting up the pieces
Creating Path Tiles - Creating a usable pattern
Creating Path Tiles - Adding Shading to the tiles
Creating Path Tiles - Trying out the tiles
Patch Tiles - Understanding the pattern
PatchTiles - Creating a base grass tile
Patch Tiles - Improving the grass tile
Patch Tiles - Creating the dirt tile
Patch Tiles - Creating the pattern
BlockTiles - The cliff side
Block Tiles - Creating the transitions
Block Tiles - adding a shadow
Block Tiles - Trying out the pattern
Exercise - River Pattern
1 page

Top-Down RPG Characters :
Design considerations
Basic Shapes Method
Shading Principles
Shading the body
Creating and shading the side view
Creating and shading the back view
Front view walk animation
Side View walk animation
Complete animations demonstration

Student Edits :
Alan Pauley - Chalice shading
Jason Brennan - Fish and candle

Isometric pixel art :
Understanding isometric perspective
Creating an isometric grid
Construction lines for an isometric building
Creating the line art and finishing up the line details
Drawing the constrution lines for the rest of the building
Shading the tower
Adding a shadow and shading the Barracs
Additional shapes in isometric view
Adding detail to the scene
Exercise - Iso Cottage
1 page

Creating Hud elements :
Creating a base button graphic
Creating the variations
Creating a dialog box with title bar
Creating progress and level up bars
Creating a slider
EXERCISE - Inventory screen
1 page