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Pilots Licence training Learn to fly the PA 28 Warrior.

Introduction :
Walk around.
Inside the cockpit.
First lesson.
Magneto power check.
Effects of controls.
Compass and direction indicator.
Trim wheel
effects of power changes and flap movement.
Carb heat and mixture control.
Taxiing. control on the ground.
Strait and level with flaps extended using trim.
Climbing and trimming
Descending with and without power and side slipping.
Side slip approach.
POH Pilots Operating Handbook.
Lift part 1
4 main forces that act on an aircraft in flight.
Stalling a wing too slow and too high AOA Angle of attack.
Level turns and climbing turns.
Descending turns and turns onto a heading.
Stalling and slow flight.
Standard take off and climb to downwind leg.
The Go around.
Departing and joining the circuit.
Flapless approach and landing.
The glide approach and landing.
Crosswind landing
short field operations.
Soft field operations.
First solo.
Steep level turns.
Recovery from unusual attitudes.
Steep descending turn.
Low level flying
Forced landing without power.
Cross country Mona to Caernarfon.
Flight planning to Llanbedr using skyVector dot com.