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PHP Specialist (2017 Edition)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started: Welcome to the Course :

Section 1: Your First Lines of PHP :
Quickstart: Your First PHP Script
Setting Up Your Web Server
Integrating HTML and PHP
Calling PHP Pages from HTML

Echo and Print :
Echo and Print Text
Echo and Print Numbers and Expressions
Echo and Print with HTML Code

Constants and Variables :
Declaring and Initializing PHP variables
PHP Variable Types

PHP Operators :
Arithmetic Operators
Comparison Operators
Logical Operators
Assignment Operators

Conditionals in PHP :
Basic If Statements
If... Else
Else... IF
Switch Statements

Loops :
While Loops
Do... While Loops
For Loops

File Inclusion :

Arrays :
Simple Arrays
For...Each Through an Array
Associative Arrays
Multidimensional Arrays
Superglobal Arrays

PHP Strings :
strlen(), strpos(), str_word_count()
str_getcsv(), addlsashes(), stripslashes()
implode() and explode()
Hashes and Encryption

Functions in PHP :
Simple Functions
Function Arguments
Return Values

File I/O with PHP :
Writing Files to the Server
Reading Files from the Server
Writing CSV Files
Reading CSV Files

Working with Cookies :
Setting Cookies
Reading Cookies
Deleting Cookies

Working with Session Variables :
Beginning a Session
Passing Session Variables
Ending a Session

Sending Email with PHP :
Sending Plain Text Email
Sending HTML Email

Working with a mySQL database :
Connecting to a mySQL datbase
Making a Simple Database Query
Saving Data to a Database
Editing Data in a Database
Deleting Data in a Database