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Photorealistic Drawing with Pencils: Beginner to Advanced

Introduction :
About Nourine
Course goals
Facebook group

Fundamentals of hyperrealism (photo-realistic drawing) :
General tools
Perception of the object (light and shadow)
Perception of the object (highlights/shine)
Tips and tricks
How to hold the pencil
Blending techniques
Types of colors
How to stay motivated

Project 1: Feather (hair texture) / Yellow :
Feather goals
Feather tools
Feather sketching options
Feather sketching
Feather coloring
Feather shadow

Project 2: Origami (Paper texture) / Blue :
Origami goals
Origami tools
Origami sketching options
Origami sketching
Origami coloring: part 1
Origami coloring: part 2
Origami shadow

Project 3: Dice (Plastic texture) / Indigo :
Dice goals
Dice tools
Dice sketching options
Dice sketching
Dice coloring: part 1
Dice coloring: part 2
Dice shadow

Project 4: Kiwi (Food texture)/Green :
Kiwi goals
Kiwi tools
Kiwi sketching options
Kiwi sketching
Kiwi coloring: part 1
Kiwi coloring: part 2 (activity included)
Kiwi highlights
Kiwi shadow

Project 5: Ruby (Glass texture) / Red :
Ruby goals
Ruby tools
Ruby sketching options
Ruby sketching
Ruby coloring: part 1
Ruby coloring: part 2
Ruby shadow

Project 6: Ribbon (Fabric texture) / Purple :
Ribbon goals
Ribbon tools
Ribbon sketching options
Ribbon sketching
Ribbon coloring: part 1
Ribbon coloring: part 2
Ribbon coloring: part 3 (final)
Ribbon shadow

Project 7: Star (Metal texture) / Orange :
Star goals
Star tools
Star sketching options
Star sketching
Star coloring: Part 1
Star coloring: Part 2
Star coloring: Part 3
Star shadow

Farewell :