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Photogrammetry With Drones: In Mapping Technology

Module 1 :
Definition and History of Photogrammetry
Introduction of Photogrammetry
Data Acquistion, General Applications
Types of Photogrammetry, Work Process Flow
Introduction of Photogrammetry-Quiz
10 questions

Module 2 :
Begin with Project, Instruments required
Types of Camera and Requirements
Preperation of Flight Line, Flying and Obtain Objects
Image overlaps, Flight lines and Index Maps
Module 2-Quiz
10 questions

Module 3 :
Types of Aerial Photographs
Concept of Vertical Photographs, Oblique photographs and its types
Photo Center, Perspective Geometry & Relief Displacement
Geometric Properties of Aerial Photograph
Module 3-Quiz
10 questions

Module 4 :
Stereoscopic Coverage
Coordinate Systems - Pixel, Image, Image Space & Ground
Corelation between Coordinate systems
Interpretation of Aerial Photo and its Uses
Module 4-Quiz
10 questions

Module 5 :
Drawing & Isometric View
Orthogonal View
First Angle Projection
Module 5-Quiz
10 questions

Practical Module 1 :
Introduction To Microstation
Introduction To Toolboxes

Practical Module 2 :
Selection Tools - Selection, Fence Etc
Placement Tool Boxes - Point, Line, Polygon
Placement Tool Boxes - Circle
Supportive Tool Boxes To Create Drawings - Part 1
Supportive Tool Boxes To Create Drawings - Part 2
Manipulate & Modify Tool Boxes

Practical Module 3 :
About Leica Photogrammetry Suit, Pro600
Setting Up Project
How to draw lines and edit them Part 1
How to draw lines and edit them part 2
How To Draw Lines And Edit Them Part 3
How To Draw Lines And Edit Them Part 4
DTM and Contours Creations

Practical Module 4 :
Data Capture Workflow
General Compilation Rules