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Persuasion Power 2: Magic Words That Influence

How to Get the Most Value from This Course

The Foundation :
Opening & Helpful Tips to Get Started
"The Guard at the Gate"
"Getting Past the Guard at the Gate"

Magic Words Exercises :
"Getting Past the Guard Phrases" Exercise
"Persuasion Power Verbs" Exercise
Skill Development: Action Required

How to Use The "Getting Past the Guard Phrases" for Maximum Effect :
Phrases 1-5
Phrases 6-10
Phrases 11-15
Phrases 16-20

How to Use Persuasion Power Verbs for Greater Influence :
Persuasion Power Verbs 1-5
Persuasion Power Verbs 6-10
Persuasion Power Verbs 11-15
Persuasion Power Verbs 16-20

How to Correctly Use the Persuasion Power Pattern :
The Persuasion Power Pattern Walk through

The Game Plan for Mastering These Skills :
Putting Everything Together
Conclusion and Next Steps

How to Instantly Improve Rapport with This Simple Hack
“I’m anxious asking for higher fees”
How to Fast-Track Your Sales Prospecting Efforts
How to Deal with Rejection in Sales
How to Have Rock Solid Confidence While Selling
BONUS: A Surprise Gift, Free Classes and "The Academy of Self-Mastery"