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Personal Finance Masterclass – Easy Guide to Better Finances

Course Intro - Understand the Basics of Personal Finance :
Welcome to the Course
The Golden Rule of Personal Finance
Why the Rich Get Richer
How to Retire Early - in 4 Minutes
Measuring Your Financial Success: Net Worth & Cash Flow
How Does Money Work?
Section Wrap Up & Resources

Budgets, Savings, Reducing Expenses :
Section Introduction
Why Your Savings Rate is Very Important
Budgeting the Smart Way
Tools to Help You Track Your Spending
How to Budget with - Full Tutorial
Budgeting with Microsoft Excel - Free Download
Why Cut Out the $5 Latte (Reducing Expenses vs. Increasing Income Part 1)
Easy Ways to Reduce Expenses
3 Biggest Budget Busters (Pinching Pennies vs. Big Wins)
The Emergency Fund: What is it?
Choosing a Bank vs. Credit Union
Automating Your Finances
Fun Frugal Activities to Save You More Money
Section Wrap Up & Resources

Grow Your Income: Make More Money Doing What You Love :
Section Introduction
Increasing Income Versus Reducing Expenses
How Much Do You Value Your time?
Get a Better-Paying Job
Side Income: Make Money Outside of the Office
Turning Hobbies into Profit
Have a Better Work / Life Balance
How to Make Money Online
Section Wrap Up & Resources

Credit Cards: Understand How to Master Using Credit Cards :
Section Introduction
What is a Credit Score? Do You Need One?
Credit Card Rewards: Picking the Best Credit Card
Credit Cards vs. Debit Cards
Section Wrap Up & Resources

Loans, Debt, & Debt Reduction :
Section Introduction
What is a Loan?
Why Taking Out Loans Can Be a Good Thing
What Does It Mean to Be in Debt?
Basics of Debt Reduction
How I Would Pay Down Debt (without making a lot of money)
Debt Consolidation: What is It? Should You do It?
Collections: What Are Collections?
Secured vs. Unsecured Debt
Why Co-Signing a Loan is so Dangerous
Section Wrap Up & Resources

Investing 101: Learn the Basics of How Investing Works :
Section Introduction
Investing 101 - Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds
Alternative Investments - Options, Futures, Gold, Real Estate, etc.
What Should I Invest In?
3 Graphs that Show the Power of Investing When You're Young
Compound Interest (Used for or Against You)
Be Suspicious of Financial 'Advisors'
Types of Investment Accounts : Taxable & Tax Advantaged
Target Date Funds
Why I Use Vanguard
Section Wrap Up & Resources

Retirement Basics: Learn How Retirement Works :
Section Introduction
What is the 4% Rule?
How Does Retirement Work?
Retirement Account Basics: 401(k), 403(b), Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, More
What is a Pension?
How Can I Start Investing for Retirement?
Should I Invest in a Bad 401(k)?
Social Security - Should You Count on it?
Section Wrap Up & Resources

Early Retirement Plan & Financial Freedom :
Section Introduction
Early Retirement vs. Financial Freedom
Determining What 'Retirement' Looks Like for You
Self-Reliance & Adaptability
Calculating your Net Worth
How Do I Get My Money When I Retire?
Section Wrap Up & Resources

Real Estate, Mortgages, and Other Big Ticket Purchases :
Section Introduction
How Buying a House Work
How to Save for a House Down Payment
Investing vs. Paying Off the House
How Buying a Car Works
How Much Car Can I Afford?
Should You Take Out a Loan for a Car?
Help! I'm Upside Down on My Car Loan
Section Wrap Up & Resources

Taxes: How Taxes Work :
Section Introduction
What are Taxes?
A Higher Tax Bracket is NOT a Bad Thing!
Why You Don't Want a Tax Refund
Do I Have to Pay a Penalty if I Don't Have Health Insurance?
Capital Gains Tax
Should I Do My Taxes Myself?
Section Wrap Up & Resources

Love & Money: Build a Thriving Financial Environment for You and Your Loved Ones :
Section Introduction
Dating Someone with Bad Financial Habits
How Do Kids Affect Your Finances?
Combining Finances with Your Loved One
Health Insurance
Life Insurance
Loaning Money to Friends or Family
Divorce and Your Finances
Section Wrap Up & Resources

Youth & Money: Start Being Smart About Money When You're Young :
Section Introduction
Investing for Teenagers
I Want to Move Out of My Parents
Parents Kicked Me Out, Now What?
I Just Received an Inheritance, What Should I Do with It?
Student Loans & Other Survival Tips
Forget College, Learn a Trade
Section Wrap Up & Resources

Psychology & Money: Battling with Society Norms :
Section Introduction
Lifestyle Inflation and Status Symbols
The Human Tendency to Buy High and Sell Low
That's Not Saving Money! (Malleable Mental Accounting)
Dealing with Compulsive Spending
Section Wrap Up & Resources

Definitions :
Section Introduction
Adjustable Rate
AGI - Adjusted Gross Income
APR - Annual Percentage Rate
ARM - Adjustable Mortgage Rate
Asset Allocation
Auto Insurance
Capital Gains
CD - Certificate of Deposit
Compound Interest
Credit Report
Credit Score
Credit Union
Debt Consolidation
Defined-Benefit Plan
Defined-Contribution Plan
Disability Insurance
FICO Score
Fixed Rate
Interest Rate
IRA - Individual Retirement Account
Mutual Fund
Net Worth
Payday Loan
PMI - Private Mortgage Insurance
Promissory Note
Roth IRA
Standard Deduction
Stock Options
Variable Rate

Course Conclusion :
Thank You
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