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Permutation and Combination

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to the course :

Pre-requisite for learning Permutation and Combination :
Fundamental principles of counting
Practice Test on Fundamental Principles of Counting

Permutation :
History and Applications of P &C, Difference between P&C

Linear Permutation :
Linear Permutation
Illustrations of Linear Permutation
Practice test on Linear Permutation

Restricted Permutation :
Restricted Permutation

Repetitive Permutation :
Repetitive Permutation
Illustrations of Repetitive Permutation
Practice test on repetitive permutation
3 pages

Circular Permutation :
Circular Permutation
Illustrations of Circular Permutation
Practice test on circular permutation
2 pages

More Examples on Permutation :
Permutation examples Set I
Permutation Examples Set II

Combination :
Definition of Combination
Restricted Combination
Properties of C(n,r)

More Examples of Combination :
Combination Examples Set I
Combination Examples Set II

Practice Test on Permutation and Combination :
Practice test on Permutation
3 pages
Practice Test on Combination
3 pages

Summing Up :