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Penetration Testing with Metasploit & Analyzing the IDS logs

Welcome :

Introduction :
The Introduction Headlines
What is a Vulnerability ?
What is an Exploit and a Payload ?
What is and why ... Metasploit ?
The Intro Quiz
1 question

Metasploit Basics :
Metasploit Interfaces - MSFConsole
Metasploit interfaces - MSFCli
Metasploit Interfaces - Armitage
The Basic Section Quiz
1 question

Reconnaissance and Information gathering phase :
NMAP - Intro and different scanning options
Scan Types and Options Summary for Nmap
Checking the IDS (Intrusion Detection System) events while Reconnaissance Scan
Nessus - download and install
Nessus - Scan a target
Nessus - Create and Tune a Scan Policy
Reconnaissance and Information gathering Quiz
1 question

Exploitation Phase :
Search for an Exploit
A Demo for Exploiting a Linux target - Shellshock
A Demo for Exploiting a Windows target
Checking the IDS (Intrusion Detection System) events while exploiting
Exploitation Quiz
1 question

Post Exploitation Phase :
Meterpreter - Part 1
Meterpreter - Part 2
Clear your traces - Windows Victim
Post Exploitation Quiz
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Armitage :
Getting started with Armitage
Armitage - scanning
Armitage - exploiting
Armitage Quiz
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Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Evasion :
Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Evasion
Wireshark exploit packet analysis in case of No Evasion and also Success Evasion
The Fix of the IDS Evasion while Bash Shellshock Exploit