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Patreon Houdini Redshift Nuke Speedtree Saul Espinosa

Houdini Plant Shading Redshift823628249
Houdini Plant Shading Redshiftbonus823694309
Houdini Terrains842050537
Houdini Terrainsbonus842164196
Houdini Cloud FX863426112
Instancing and scatter923104815
Instancing and scatterbonus925774971
Spraypaint scatter967542968
Carpaint shading968065565
Leaf random New normals986620464
Leaf random New normalsnormals
RS SSS1014377789
RS SSSbonus1014488492
RS Hair, Melanin, MOPsbonus - mops
RS Hair, Melanin, MOPsredshift hair
Environment Layoutpart 1
Environment Layoutpart2
Environment Layoutpart3
Height-field scatter13
Advanced Shader Random1210795665
ACES Redshift Pipeline and Custom OCIO Profiles1240885339
Mountain Environment & Quixel Mixer1286894949
Redshift AOV's In-Depthpart 1 1313431407
Redshift AOV's In-Depthpart 1313514924
Environment Project Using Footagep1part 1 1349758427
Environment Project Using Footagep21385571442
Environment Project Using Footagep3part 1432452064
Environment Project Using Footagep3part1 1 1432435160
Refraction Shadingpart 1 1457600110
Refraction Shadingpart 1457624595
Megascanspart 1 1496510078
Megascanspart 1496568102