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Passive Income Powerhouse: Learn to Set Yourself Up For Life

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction & What You'll Learn :
Downloading The Worksheets

The Passive Income Mentality :
So what is Passive Income really
The Right & Wrong Reasons To Create Passive Income
Do you have the passive income mentality?
2 questions

The Economics of Passive Income :
What the rich know that others do not
How money works & the two vehicles of value exchange
Repetitive consumption; the secret to passive income
People create value - but they don't have to deliver it
Do you understand the economics of passive income?
5 questions

The Three Methods of Exchanging Value :
Selling Value
Renting Value
Creating secondary value - and then renting or selling it
Do you know all 3 methods of exchanging value?
3 questions

Engineering Passive Income & Examples :
What value can YOU create
Real estate a passive income power tool
Digital goods a passive income renaissance
Software and digital services
Patents and intellectual property
Blogs, websites, podcasts, and more
Selling actual products
Traditional investments
Other physical assets
Helping people discover your products
Do you know how to create passive income?
5 questions

The Importance of Diversification :
Why we always diversify
Diversification considerations
Do you understand diversification?
3 questions

Common Criticisms & Concerns :
"I can't do this - I don't have deliverable value"
"Passive income isn't really passive"
"Competition will kill you if you aren't vigilant"
"Passive income takes the joy out of work"
"What about boredom"
"You can't build a successful company passively"
"You can't make enough money to live a good lifestyle"
"This just isn't for everybody"
Have you overcome the common concerns?
4 questions

Conclusion & Next Steps :
Congratulations! Now it's time to go out and do it!

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