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Part 1,2: AWS Certified Solutions Architect (and CD,SO) – 2018

Video Introducing this tutorial

Overview :
2018 Associate Exam Overview and Preparation Strategies - SA, Developer, SysOps
2018 Six Advantages of Cloud Computing
2018 AWS Global Infrastructure

2018 Housekeeping :
2018 AWS Root Account Setup
2018 Billing Alerts Setup and Granting Billing Access to IAM Users
2018 IAM User and Command Line Tool Setup
2018 KeyPair and Tools to connect to EC2 Instances

Networking Primer :
2018 Networking Primer - Classless Inter Domain Routing, Subnets, Private IP
Classless Inter Domain Routing
5 questions

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) - Networking Infrastructure :
2018 Introduction
2018 VPC, Region and Availability Zones
2018 VPC Core Components
2018 Demo - VPC Wizard Launch Configuration
2018 Demo - Default VPC Overview
2018 Demo - Create a Public VPC
2018 Demo - Launch EC2 Instance
2018 VPC Security - IAM, Firewall, Flow Logs
2018 Demo - Security Group and ACL Firewall
2018 Demo - Ping EC2 Instances
2018 VPC Data Flow Walk Through
2018 NAT Instance Source Destination Check
2018 Demo - IPv6 Configuration and Testing
2018 Demo - VPC Flow Log
2018 VPC Endpoints
Demo - VPC Endpoint ReadMe
2018 VPC Hybrid Architectures - VPN and Direct Connect
2018 VPC Peering Connection
2018 Demo - Peering Connection (Same Region)
2018 Demo - Cross Region Peering Connection
2018 VPN CloudHub
2018 VPC Pricing
2018 EC2 Classic
2018 VPC Summary and Conclusion
VPC Traffic Flow - Sequence of Steps
Virtual Private Cloud Quiz - 1
5 questions
Virtual Private Cloud Quiz - 2
5 questions
Virtual Private Cloud Quiz - 3
5 questions
Virtual Private Cloud Quiz - 4
5 questions
Virtual Private Cloud Quiz - 5
6 questions
Virtual Private Cloud Quiz - 6
5 questions
Virtual Private Cloud Quiz - 7
5 questions
Virtual Private Cloud Quiz - 8
5 questions
Virtual Private Cloud Quiz - 9
5 questions
Virtual Private Cloud Quiz - 10
5 questions
Virtual Private Cloud Quiz - 11
5 questions
Virtual Private Cloud Quiz - 12
5 questions
Virtual Private Cloud Quiz - 13
5 questions

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) - Compute Service :
2018 Introduction
2018 Instance and Elastic Block Store (EBS), Dedicated and Shared Resources
2018 EC2 Virtualization Types, Nitro and BareMetal
2018 EC2 Console and Amazon Machine Images (AMI)
2018 Instance Family, Type, Size, Hardware Acceleration
2018 General Purpose, Burstable, Unlimited, CPU Credits
2018 Compute, Storage, Memory, Accelerated Computing Instance Families
Which Instance Family to Pick?
2018 ReadMe
2018 Demo - CPU Credits, Burstable and Unlimited Mode
Instance Root Access - Secure Login Key Pairs
Physical Location - Region, Availability Zone and Virtual Private Cloud
2018 Demo - EC2 Web Server Setup
2018 Demo - EC2 Reboot, Stop, Start
2018 Demo - Elastic IP
2018 Demo - Resize Instances
Demo - Launch Windows EC2 instances
2018 Placement Group
Elastic Block Store (EBS) Optimized Instances
Bastion Host
Demo - Bastion Host VPC Setup with Public and Private Subnets
Demo - Bastion Host Security Group, Launch Private and Public Instances
Demo - Bastion Host Credential Forwarding and Connecting to Instances
Demo - Bastion Host Cleanup
Security Group In Depth
Network Access Control List (ACL)
Access Control - IAM, Key Pairs and Sharing AMI
2018 IAM Roles - Access Other AWS Services From EC2
2018 Demo - EC2 Instance with IAM Roles to Access S3
Lifecycle of EC2 Instance
Recover Instance - Handle AWS Infrastructure, Host and Instance issues
2018 EC2 Instance Purchasing Options
2018 Reserved Instance Pricing and Features
2018 Spot Instance Pricing Model
2018 Spot Usage Examples, Best Practices
2018 Demo - Spot Instance Launch
2018 Demo - Spot Instance Diversified Allocation Strategy
2018 Pricing - EC2, Elastic IP, Data Transfer, Storage, GPU
Managing Instance, OS, Users
Managing Instance with EC2 Instance Manager, Processor State Control
User Data - Customize Instance at Launch
Instance Metadata - Query Instance Attributes at Runtime
Demo - Customize Instance with User Data
Demo - Query Instance Metadata
EC2 - Network And Security: Quiz - 1
10 questions
EC2 - Network And Security: Quiz - 2
10 questions
EC2 - Network And Security: Quiz - 3
10 questions
EC2 - Network And Security: Quiz - 4
20 questions
EC2 Quiz - 1
10 questions
EC2 Quiz - 2
10 questions
EC2 Quiz - 3
10 questions
EC2 Quiz - 4
10 questions
EC2 Quiz - 5
10 questions
EC2 Quiz - 6
10 questions
EC2 Quiz - 7
10 questions
EC2 Quiz - 8
11 questions
EC2 Quiz - 9
10 questions

CloudWatch - Monitoring Service for the Cloud :
Architecture, CloudWatch Log, CloudWatch Events
Data Retention, Related AWS Services
Concepts and Terminology
Dimension Overview
Statistics, Percentiles
Alarm - AWS CloudWatch Tips
Monitoring EC2 Instances - Metrics, Status Checks, Basic and Detailed Monitoring
Demo - Monitoring CloudWatch Dashboard
Demo - Alarm - Billing Alarm, Shutdown Idle Instance, Recover Instance
Demo - Metrics - Percentiles
CloudWatch Log Architecture and Concepts
Demo - CloudWatch Log - Configure Log Group and Stream
Demo - CloudWatch Log - Publish Events, Metric Filters for Count, Errors, Plot
CloudWatch Quiz - 1
10 questions
CloudWatch Quiz - 2
10 questions
CloudWatch Quiz - 3
5 questions

Storage for EC2 Instances :
Introduction to Instance Store, EBS, Snapshot, EFS and S3
Storage Units
Storage Technology Comparison
Storage - EC2 Instance Store
Encryption of Elastic Block Store Volume
Volume Type Comparison - Elastic Block Store
** NEW ** AWS EBS Provisioned IOPS Volume Performance and Throughput Improvement
Throughput Vs IOPS
EBS Optimized Instances
Snapshot - Backup solution for EBS Volume
Snapshot Best Practices, Sharing Snapshot, Modifying Volume
***NEW*** EBS Volumes can be modified when in-use
Monitoring EBS Volumes
Demo - Storage Monitoring
Demo - Storage Create Snapshot, Launch Volume from Snapshot
Demo - Create Amazon Machine Image (AMI) From Snapshot, Launch Instance, Encrypt
Demo - Attach New Volume to an Instance, Encrypted Volumes
Storage Quiz - 1
10 questions
Storage Quiz - 2
10 questions
Storage Quiz - 3
10 questions
Storage Quiz - 4
10 questions
Storage Quiz - 5
10 questions
Storage Quiz - 6
7 questions

Elastic Load Balancing - Load Balancer for the Cloud :
Introduction to Elastic Load Balancers
Security Benefits of an Elastic Load Balancer
Internet Facing and Internal Load Balancers
2018 Elastic Load Balancer Types
2019: Network Load Balancer TLS Termination Support
WebSocket and HTTP/2 - What is it?
Cross Zone Load Balancing - Concept
Demo - Internet Facing Classic Load Balancer Setup
Demo - Create VPC with Public and Private Subnets in Two Availability Zones
Demo - Launch Web Servers, Bastion Host and Configure Security Groups
Demo - Test Private Web Server Instances from Bastion Host
Demo - Launch Classic Load Balancer - Configure Health Checks
Demo - Attach EC2 Instances to Load Balancer, Test Load Balancer, Metrics
Demo - Simulate Error Conditions and Verify How Load Balancer Handles Failures
Demo - Internal Load Balancer, Testing Load Balancer
Identifying Client IP, Listener Configuration For Classic Load Balancer
Load Balancer Access Logs
Application Load Balancer - Architecture and Concept
2018 Demo - Application Load Balancer Setup and Usage
2018 Demo - Path Based Routing, Monitoring and Metrics
Demo - Cleanup
2018 Demo - Network Load Balancer
2018 Demo - Network Load Balancer Cross Zone Load Balancing
Demo - Review Billing Dashboard
Billing - Load Balancer Charges - How are they calculated?
Summary - Classic and Application Load Balancer
ELB Quiz - 1
10 questions
ELB Quiz - 2
10 questions
ELB Quiz - 3
10 questions
2018 ELB - Quiz 4
6 questions

Auto Scaling :
Introduction to Auto Scaling
Scenarios and Examples where you can use Auto Scaling
CloudWatch Alarms - Trigger for Auto Scaling
Auto Scaling Terminology
Demo - Auto Scaling Interface, Constant Fleet Size Maintenance
Demo - Auto Scaling Instance Termination Test
Demo - Auto Scaling Availability Zone Test
Demo - Auto Scaling with Elastic Load Balancer Test
Demo - Auto Scaling With Load Balancer Health Check
Demo - Auto Scaling with Application Load Balancer
Demo - Auto Scaling Adjust Desired Capacity Test
Rebalance Across Availability Zones
Lifecycle of an Auto Scaling EC2 instance
Triggers for Scale Out and Scale In
Demo - Dynamic Scaling with Simple Scaling Policy
Demo - Dynamic Scaling with Step Scaling Policy
Summary - Scaling Options - Constant, Manual, Scheduled, Dynamic
Summary - Multiple Scaling Policies and How concurrent trigger is handled
Summary - Scale In - Process for Identifying Instance to Terminate
Auto Scaling - Quiz 1
10 questions
Auto Scaling - Quiz 2
10 questions
Auto Scaling - Quiz 3
10 questions
Auto Scaling - Quiz 4
10 questions
Auto Scaling - Quiz 5
5 questions

Identity and Access Management - Security - Manage Access to Services :
Introduction to Identity and Access Management
IAM Roles
Policy - Types
User Types - Root, IAM Users
Corporate Network Federated Users
Internet Identity Federated Users
Service Users
Amazon Resource Name (ARN)
Demo - Setup IAM Users Needed For Testing
Demo - Setup S3 Bucket, Policy & Test Files and Resource Level Policy Structure
Demo - Policy Generator and Test Resource Level Policy
Demo - Cross Account Access Using Bucket Level Policy
Demo - User Inline Policy
Demo - Maintaining an Inline Policy
Demo - Managed Policy
Demo - Policy Variables and User Home Directory
Demo - Policy Conditions To Restrict Access By Source IP Address and CIDR Block
Demo - VPC Endpoints based Policy Conditions
IAM Best Practices to Live By (SEC302) - AWS re:Invent 2015
How to Become an IAM Policy Ninja in 60 Minutes or Less (SEC305)
IAM - Quiz 1
10 questions
IAM - Quiz 2
10 questions
IAM - Quiz 3
10 questions
IAM - Quiz 4
10 questions
IAM - Quiz 5
10 questions
IAM - Quiz 6
3 questions
Federation, Delegation in-depth with Security Token Service, Cognito, SAML

Simple Storage Service (S3) - Cloud Storage :
Introduction to Simple Storage Service (S3)
Terminology - Bucket, Object, Key, Region
Consistency Model - How S3 Responds When Changes are Propagated
Versioning - Concept and Usage Scenarios ADD, DELETE
Versioning - Usage Scenarios GET Object, List Bucket, Undelete, Restore
Suspend Versioning - Scenarios
Demo - S3 Versioning
Demo - Versioned Object Delete, Un-delete, Permanent Delete of a Version
Demo - Suspend Versioning
Storage Class - Standard and Infrequent Access
Storage Class - Glacier Storage
2018 Storage Class - One Zone IA
Storage Class - Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS)
Table - Comparison of Storage Classes and Attributes
Changing Storage Class
Demo - Storage Class - Specifying Storage Class, Changing It, Version Storage
Billing - S3 Cost Structure
Billing - Requester Pays For Transfer Option
Performance - Multipart Loading For Large Objects and Improved Reliability
Performance Continued - Content Distribution Network, Key Naming
Transfer Acceleration & Performance Comparison Tool
Lifecycle Management - Manage Retention, Storage Class, Cost of S3 Storage
S3 - Quiz 1
10 questions
Lifecycle Management Rules - Recommended Object Lifecycle Flow
Lifecycle Behavior - UnVersioned, Version Enabled, Version Suspended Bucket
2018 Demo - Object Retention By Age
2018 Demo - Object Retention By Folder and Age
2018 Demo - Tiered Storage Management
2018 Demo - Versioned Object Management
Cross Region Replication (CRR) - Introduction and Usage Scenarios
CRR - What is Replicated and What is Not Replicated?
Replication Status - How To Check?
Demo - Cross Region Replication Setup, Add, Delete, Update Test, Check Status
Access - When to use Object Access Control List (ACL) and Predefined Groups?
Access Management - When to use Bucket ACL and Bucket Policies?
Demo - Object ACL and Bucket ACL
Encryption Options - Protecting Data at Rest and In-Transit
S3 - Quiz 2
10 questions
Table - Server Side Encryption (SSE) Types and Comparison
S3 - Quiz 3
10 questions
S3 - Quiz 4
10 questions
Demo - Encrypting New and Existing Objects with Server Side Encryption
Static Website Hosting vs REST Based Access
Presigned URL - Allow Temporary Access To Object and Upload Access
Event Notification - Send Alerts and Trigger WorkFlows Based on S3 Events
Monitoring - CloudWatch Metrics and Server Access Logs
Request Routing in S3 - Handling Errors During RESTful Calls
BitTorrent Based S3 Content Distribution
Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) - Serving Javascripts, Images, Videos
S3 - Quiz 5
10 questions
S3 - Quiz 6
10 questions
S3 - Quiz 7
10 questions
S3 - Quiz 8
4 questions

2018 Glacier :
2018 Glacier Features an Introduction
2018 Demo - S3 Glacier Storage Class Usage
2018 Demo - Glacier Vault and Archive Usage
2018 Glacier Quiz
6 questions

AWS Cloud Security :
Security is Job Zero - AWS Security Process and Policies

Route 53 - Domain Name System Service :
Route 53 - Introduction to Domain Name System Service
Domain Name System - Query, Name Server, Cache Example Walk Through
Trace DNS Request - Dig, NSLookUp, SimpleDNS
Domain Registration, DNS, Private DNS, Health Check, Global Traffic
Routing Policy - Types of Traffic Routing
Terminology and Concepts
Route 53 Availability, Latency, SLA, Service Credits
Demo - Pricing and Cleanup Guidelines
Demo - Route 53 Management Console, S3 Static Website Access using Custom Domain
Demo - Access Website and Bastion on EC2 instance using Custom Domain
Demo - Access RDS MySql Database Instance Using Custom Domain
Demo - Private Hosted Zone - Private DNS For Your VPC
Demo - Distributing Traffic Across Global Infrastructure
Demo - Handling Regional Failures By Failing Over To Other Available Regions
Traffic Flow - Visual Tool For Managing Application Traffic
Route 53 - IAM Security and CloudWatch Monitoring
AWS re:Invent DNS Demystified: Amazon Route 53, featuring Warner Bros. (NET202)
Route 53 - Quiz 1
10 questions
Route 53 - Quiz 2
10 questions
Route 53 - Quiz 3
10 questions

Part 1 - Wrapup :
KMS and Envelope Encryption with Do-It-Yourself Lab
Required for SysOps: Hybrid Connectivity Options
BONUS: Ace AWS Certification, Machine Learning, Regular Expressions
Thank you!

Introduction :
2018 Associate Exam Overview and Preparation Strategies - SA, Developer, SysOps

2018 Housekeeping :
2018 AWS Root Account Setup
2018 Billing Alerts Setup and Granting Billing Access to IAM Users
2018 IAM User and Command Line Tool Setup

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) :
Introduction and Usage Overview
Standard and First In First Out (FIFO) Queue Types
Standard and FIFO Queue Usage Examples
Demo - Standard Queue
Demo - Standard Queue Configuration Options
Demo - Send, Receive Messages, Lifecycle
Demo - Command Line Interface Interaction with Queue
Demo - Multiple Users Demo, Standard Queue Best Effort Ordering
Demo - FIFO Queue, Configuration
Demo - Send, Receive Messages to FIFO Queue, Duplicate Handling
SQS - Quiz 1
10 questions
Demo - FIFO, Single Message Group, Multiple Users
Demo - Throughput and Latency with Single Message Group
Demo - FIFO with Multiple Message Group, Concurrency
Demo - Long Polling
At-Least-Once Delivery, Sampling, Exactly-Once Processing, Deduplication
Short Polling, Long Polling
Visibility Timeout, Message Lifecycle
Dead Letter Queues, Delay Queues, Retention
Server Side Encryption
SQS Limits
SQS - Quiz 2
10 questions
SQS - Quiz 3
12 questions

Amazon - Simple Notification Service (SNS) :
Introduction to Simple Notification Service
Usage Scenarios
How to Track Delivery Status of Messages Sent to Subscribers
Message Reliability and Delivery Retry
Spam Protection and Subscription Confirmation
SNS and SQS - Two Complementary Services
Demo - SNS Topic, Subscribe and Send Message To SQS Queue
Demo - CloudWatch Log Delivery Status Check, Add Permissions to Queue
Demo - Easy Way to Subscribe to Topic From Queue
Subscription Confirmation Scenarios - Queue As the Subscriber
Demo - Topic Subscription Using Email
Demo - SMS Text Message Notification and Delivery Status Check
Mobile Push Notification - To Notify your App Users on Mobile Devices
SNS - Quiz 1
11 questions

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) :
Introduction and Usage Scenarios
Email Delivery Outcomes - Feedback Loop
Spam or Legitimate - Deliverability and Reputation
How to Maximize Deliverability and Increase your Reputation?
Verification of Email Source and Domain
Authentication - Provide Evidence that your are the Owner of Email
Sender Policy Framework (SPF), Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM), DMARC
Sending Limits, SES Sandbox, Content Filtering
Feedback Loop, Email Sending Metrics, Dedicated and Shared IP Addresses
Receiving Emails with SES, Interfaces for SES, Credentials
SES - Quiz 1
10 questions
SES - Quiz 2
10 questions
SES - Quiz 3
6 questions

AWS Lambda - Serverless Compute :
Introduction to AWS Lambda and Serverless Compute
AWS Lambda Benefits and Supported Languages
Lambda Usage Scenarios
Usage Scenario, Security, Push, Pull
Permissions for Function to Access Other Resources and Who Can Access Function?
Demo - Hello World Overview and Setup of IAM Roles
Demo - Hello World GET Implementation
Demo - Test Lambda From Console, Review Results, Request ID, CloudWatch Logs
Demo - Invoke Lambda From Command Line, Sync Async Invocation
Demo - Hello World POST
Demo - Lambda Monitoring
Demo - API Gateway RESTful End Point For Lambda Function
Demo - S3 To Lambda - Processing Events From S3
Demo - Simulate S3 Events for Testing, Integration Testing From S3 Bucket
Demo - Processing Simple Notification Service Events
Demo - Polling and Fan Out Processing - Simple Queue Service Message Processing
Demo - Polling Implementation Overview, Testing with Messages From SQS
Demo - Versioning Lambda Functions
Demo - Aliasing Lambda Functions
Concurrency - Stream Based and Non-Stream Based Events
Throttling and Error Handling
VPC Support - Deploy Lambda Functions in Your VPC
Dead Letter Queues, X-RAY Tracing
Lambda Limits Enforced by AWS
AWS re:Invent 2016: Serverless Architectural Patterns and Best Practices (ARC402
AWS Lambda - Quiz 1
10 questions
AWS Lambda - Quiz 2
10 questions
AWS Lambda - Quiz 3
10 questions

AWS Cloud Databases - RDS, NoSQL, In-Memory, Columnar :
Introduction - AWS Cloud Database Offerings
Relational Database
Movie Data Example Stored in Relational Tables
Denormalized Movie Data Example Stored in Relational Table
NoSQL Databases
NoSQL Movie Data Example
Columnar Databases
In-Memory Storage
AWS ElasticSearch Service - Text Search Engine, Faceted Results
Comparison between Relational and NoSQL Databases
Cloud Databases - Quiz 1
10 questions

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) :
Introduction to RDS and Benefits
Lower Administrative Burden
RDS Performance and Scalability
Availability and Durability
AWS Config - Configuration Auditing
RDS Terminology
Demo - RDS PreRequisites
Demo - Setup DB Subnet Group
Demo - Setup MySQL Linux Client, MySQL Workbench
2018 Demo - MultiAZ MySQL Deployment
Demo - Connect to MySQL Instance - Linux, Windows Client
Demo - Failover
Demo - Read Replica
Demo - Automated Backup and Manual Snapshots
Demo - Modifying RDS Instance
Demo - Cleanup
2018 Aurora Concepts
2018 Demo - Aurora Provisioned Database
2018 Aurora Serverless Concepts
2018 Demo - Aurora Serverless Database
Cloud Databases - RDS - Quiz 2
10 questions
Cloud Databases - RDS - Quiz 3
10 questions
2018 Cloud Databases - RDS - Quiz 4
5 questions

AWS Programmatic Integration :
Introduction - Integration Application with AWS Services
Python Development Environment and Boto3 Setup
Demo - Invoke S3 Service using Boto3
More Programmatic Examples in DynamoDB Demos

Amazon DynamoDB Service :
Introduction to DynamoDB Partitions
Time To Live, Consistency Model, Replication, Scaling, Developer Version
Tables, Primary Key
Secondary Indexes
DynamoDB Streams
Provision Throughput - Read and Write Capacity Units
Demo - Movie Database Overview and Setup
Demo - Movie Python Script For DynamoDB Integration
Demo - Query
Demo - Insert, Update, Query, Delete a Single Movie
Cloud Databases - Quiz 5
10 questions
Cloud Databases - Quiz 6
12 questions
DynamoDB - Best Practices

Architectural Patterns :
Big Data Architectural Patterns and Best Practices on AWS
ElastiCache Deep Dive: Best Practices and Usage Patterns
CloudFront - Content Delivery Network

Exam Prep - Disaster Recover, Hybrid IT Infrastructure and More :
Hybrid IT Infrastructure - On-Premise and Cloud
Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery, CloudFront, Storage Gateway - Quiz
14 questions
Infrastructure as Code
AWS Services

Amazon Kinesis :
Introduction to Kinesis Service
Usage Scenarios - Streams, Firehose, Analytics
Stream Versus Batch Processing
Kinesis Streams - Concepts and Terminology
Kinesis Streams Pricing
Streams Demo - Objective and Overview
Demo - Streams Usage Hands-on
Streams Split Demo - Objective and Overview
Demo - Streams Split Hands-on
Kinesis Producer and Client Libraries - Benefits
Kinesis Firehose - Introduction
Firehose Pricing
Demo - Firehose Objective
Demo - Firehose Handson
Kinesis Analytics - Introduction
Kinesis Analytics - Steps
Kinesis Analytics - Recap
Kinesis Analytics - Pricing
Demo - Kinesis Demo Overview & Objective
Demo - Kinesis Analytics Handson
Demo - Adding Additional Input Streams
Demo - Cleanup
Kinesis Quiz - 1
11 questions

Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) :
Introduction to ECS and Docker Containers
Demo - Run Hello World Container on EC2 Instance
Demo - Hello World Web Application
Demo - Docker Repository and Sharing Container Images
ECS - Container Orchestration and Terminology
ECS Architecture
2018 ECS UI Changes
Demo - ECS Cluster Setup
Demo - ECS Task Definition, Execution with Static Port
Demo - ECS Task Definition Versioning, Dynamic Port Mapping
Static, Dynamic Port and Application Load Balancer
Demo - Dynamic Port Integration with Application Load Balancer
Demo - Dynamic Port, Target Group, Add Additional Tasks to Run
Demo - Cleanup and Removing Resources that were added
2018 Fargate Concepts
2018 Demo - Fargate Cluster, Task Definition, Running Tasks
2018 Demo - Fargate with Network Load Balancer
Pricing, CloudWatch Metrics
re:Invent Videos - Task Scheduling Options, Event Streams, Container Management
ECS Quiz - 1
11 questions

AWS CloudFormation :
Introduction to CloudFormation and Concepts
Template Structure Overview
Parameter Section Example - Specify Input Parameters for your template
Mapping Section Example - Specify Lookup Table
Condition Section Example - Specify preconditions for creating resources
Resources Section Example - Specify resources that needs to be created
Demo - Create S3 Bucket using CloudFormation
Demo - Delete Stack and Resources
Demo - Update an existing stack - Change S3 Bucket Name
Demo - Input Parameters Update an existing stack
Demo - Deletion Policy to protect your resources
Intrinsic Functions and Pseudo Parameters
Demo - Auto scaling, ELB, Web Server
Demo - Resource Group for grouping related resources
Cloud Formation Best Practices
CloudFormation Quiz 1
9 questions

Elastic Beanstalk :
Introduction to Elastic Beanstalk
Elastic Beanstalk Concepts, Permission and Comparison with other services
Demo Overview - Deploy a web and database bundle with Elastic Beanstalk
Demo - Handson
Demo - Terminating Environment
Demo - Separate Application and Database Code
Source Code Bundling, Deployment Options, Platform Updates
Elastic Beanstalk Quiz 1
7 questions

Conclusion :
HTTP States Codes (Required Reading for Developer Exam)
Thank you!
BONUS: Ace Certification, Machine Learning and More