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Paint Your First Photo using Corel Painter

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Introduction to Photo Art in Corel Painter

Prep Work in Photography :
Considering scale from the outset
Augmenting backgrounds and hidden elements
Scaling and filling the canvas
Gallery wrapping techniques
Performing searches
Tonal variation and pre-viz

Careful Background Selections :
Create interest in subject matter via background adjustments
Make your own backgrounds
Using the clone source panel
Painting with the cloning brushes
Using the auto painting panel to create your underpainting
Progression approach back to front

Wardrobe Details :
Amount of detail on clothes: Include or discard?
Patterns: Holistic overview
Patterns: Detail restorations
Dominating focus

Human Skin :
Photo re-touching
Enhancing in Painter using blenders
Painting hands

A Family Portrait (Project) :
Painting not drawing
Selecting brushes
Defining base colors
Painting features
Blending mixed media and brush types
Light, texture and post production

Conclusion :
Closing message

Bonus Material :
Bonus Lecture: Course Discounts

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