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Outstanding Composition: How to blow away your audience

Video Introducing this tutorial

The Basics of Composition :
At the beginning there is a blank frame
What makes a good photo?
Why some photos don't work
Basic Mathematical Rules
Practical use basic rules
The Basics of Composition
5 questions

The first steps to a better photograph :
Simplify a photograph
Rule of Space
Off the middle
Perfect Symmetry
Fill the Frame
The right distance
The right frame size
The decisive Moment
Point of View
The first steps to a better photograph
5 questions

Grafical Elements :
Leading Lines
Figure to Ground
Depth of Field
Objects in the Foreground
Motion Blur

Advanced Techniques :
Color as a composition element
Frame in the Frame
Negative Space
The Rule of Odds
Additional Layers
Working the Scene

Conclusion :
Breaking the Rules
Final Remarks