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Oracle SQL – Step by Step SQL

Video Introducing this tutorial

Closed Captions/Sub Titles for the course :
Closed Captions/Sub Titles for the course
1 page
How to make best use of the program
1 page

Software Installation :
Installing Oracle
Installing Java SDK
Installing SQL Developer
Running scripts necessary for the course
Scripts for our Lab Exercises
4 pages

Database Concepts :
What is a Table?
What is a Database?
What is a Relational Database (RDBMS)?
What is a Transaction?
What is ACID??
RDBMS Vendors

Enter the Dragon (Database) :
Building SQL Template...
How do you talk with a Database?
What are the most common commands?
What type of Data can we store?
Data Model for our Course

Lets see the Data... :
What data can I see?
How do I see data (SELECT) ?
How do I see a part of the data (SELECT) ?
Lab 1 (Exercises with Answers)
3 pages

Lets limit the data we see (Filtering) :
Filtering Data (WHERE command)
Comparison Operators
Filtering Data (More Examples...)
Filters on Character and Date values...
Filtering based on a column in a table...
Lab 2 (Exercises with Answers)
2 pages

Logical Operators :
LIKE operator
Lets learn about NULL...
AND and OR
Lab 3 (Exercises with Answers)
2 pages

Arithmetic operators :
They are simple!!! (10 + 20 = 30)
Lab 4 (Exercises with Answers)
2 pages

Lets sort the data we see (Sorting) :
ORDER BY clause
How are NULL values treated while Sorting Data?
Lab 5 (Exercises with Answers)
2 pages

How do we combine data from 2 tables? :
SET Operators
UNION operator
UNION ALL operator
INTERSECT operator
MINUS operator
Lab 6 (Exercises with Answers)
3 pages

Lets group the data... :
Aggregate/Summary Functions
GROUP BY clause
GROUP BY with multiple columns
GROUP BY with HAVING clause
Lab 7 (Exercises with Answers)
4 pages

Joining data from 2 or more tables (JOINS) :
Why Joins?
Inner Join
Left Outer Join
Right Outer Join
Full Outer Join
Cross Join
Natural Join
Joining the 3rd table
Joining the 4th table and so on...
Adding filters to Joins
Lab 8 (Exercises with Answers)
2 pages

Functions available for us to use... :
DUAL (What is this?)
Why do we need functions?
NUMBER related functions
CHARACTER related functions
DATE related functions
Lab 9 (Exercises with Answers)
2 pages

Interesting THINGS!!! :
IF THEN ELSE (CASE statement)
Alternative Name (ALIAS name)
PSEUDO Columns

Data Definition Language (DDL) :
Let's create a table (CREATE)
Let's change the structure of a table (ALTER)
Let's delete the table (DROP)
Create Table AS - CTAS
Lab 11 (Exercises with Answers)
3 pages

Data Manipulation Language (DML) :
Insert data into a table (INSERT)
Delete data from a table (DELETE)
Modify existing data in a table (UPDATE)
Delete all the data from a table (TRUNCATE)
Lab 12 (Exercises with Answers)
4 pages

Lets put some restrictions on a table (Constraints) :
Why constraints?
No empty data allowed (NOT NULL)
No Duplicate data (UNIQUE)
Accept only few values (CHECK)
Check data in other table before inserting/deleting (FOREIGN KEY)
Constraints on multiple columns
Adding constraints to an existing table
More operations on Constraints...
Lab 13 (Exercises with Answers)
2 pages

Views :
Why Views?
Lets modify an existing view
Lets update View Data
Create View from more than 1 Table
Lab 14 (Exercises with Answers)
2 pages

Other Database Objects :
Alternative name for Objects (SYNONYMS)
Series of Numbers (SEQUENCE)

Giving Permissions to other users (GRANT) :
I like him (GRANT)
I don't like him (REVOKE)
List of all GRANT's
2 pages

SUB Queries :
What is a SUB Query?
Sub queries on multiple columns (Pairwise Comparision)
Sub queries on multiple columns (Non-Pairwise Comparision)
Sub queries in the FROM clause
Sub queries in the WITH clause
Scalar Sub queries
Correlated SUB Query

Advanced Topics - Index :
Book Index??
Lets create an Index...
Dropping and Renaming an Index

Bonus: Lets Recap with a 5 Step Process :
Scripts for this Section
2 pages
Business Requirement
Step 1: Let's Select all the columns needed...
Step 2: Let's add the necessary Filters...
Step 3: Let's perform the Grouping...
Step 4: Let's perform Filtering at Group level...
Step 5: Lets Sort the data...
Recap the 10 things we have done...

Where to Go From Here :
Project Work
3 pages
Advanced Database concepts you can explore!!!
1 page

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