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OpenStack Essentials

Introduction :
Why should you learn Openstack?
About the course

Cloud Computing Overview :
Introduction to Cloud Computing
Cloud Enabling Technologies & Comparison with Traditional IT
Cloud Computing-Delivery and Deployment Types
Cloud Computing Quiz
2 questions

Introduction to Openstack :
Overview of Component Services

Openstack Installation :
About Packstack & Hw. Requirements
CentOS Installation on VirtualBox
Openstack Installation
Distributions and PackStack
1 question

Horizon Dashboard :
Dashboard Walktrough

CLI Client :
Working from the CLI
Unified CLI Client

Identity Service-Keystone :
Introduction & Important Identity Concepts
Keystone Architecture
Managing Keystone from CLI

Image Service - Glance :
Overview &Architecture
Managing Glance from CLI

Networking Service- Neutron :
Introduction to Neutron
Provider & Project Networks
Supported Network Types
Common Neutron Agents
Neutron Features & Functionality
Managing Neutron from CLI
Neutron Quiz
2 questions

Compute Service - Nova :
Introduction to Nova
Launching an Instance
Launching an Instance(Continued)
Grouping Compute Nodes
Managing Nova from CLI
Nova Quiz
4 questions

Block Storage Service - Cinder:
Overview of Storage in Openstack
Cinder - Introduction & Capabilities
Cinder Architecture
Managing Cinder from CLI

Object Storage Service - Swift:
Introduction to Swift Object Storage Service
Characteristics of Swift
Swift Architecture
Managing Swift from CLI
Swift Quiz
1 question

Working with Horizon Dashboard:
Requirements for Launching an Instance
Creating the Image & Flavor
Network Environment for the Instance
Setting Up the Network
Optional Configuration
Security Configuration & Instance Launch
Testing & Managing the Instance

Multi Node Design & Scaling Openstack:
Scaling Openstack
Compute Node
Network Node
Storage Node
Controller Node
Multi Node Design & Minimum Node Requirements

Expanding the Cluster: Adding a Compute Node:
Preparing the Node
Compute Node Installation
Installation Troubleshooting & Verification

Final Section:
Openstack Logs
Glossary of Terms

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