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OpenCV Python For Beginners | Hands on Computer Vision

Install and Setup Python :
How to Install Python 3 on Windows 10
How to install Python 3 on Mac
How To Install PyCharm In Windows 10
How To Install PyCharm In Mac
How To Install PyCharm In Ubuntu 18.04 + Create and Run First Python Project

Numpy :
Introduction + Installing numpy
Python List Vs Numpy Array
Basic properties and Methods in NumPy Array
Creating specific arrays, Reshape and more

Introduction to OpenCV :
Introduction to OpenCV

Install OpenCV :
How to Install OpenCV for Python on Windows 10
How To Install OpenCV 4 for Python on Ubuntu 18.04 Linux

OpenCV Basics :
How to Read, Write, Show Images in OpenCV
How to Read, Write, Show Videos from Camera in OpenCV
Draw geometric shapes on images using Python OpenCV
Setting Camera Parameters in OpenCV Python
Show Date and Time on Videos using OpenCV Python
Handle Mouse Events in OpenCV
More Mouse Event Examples in OpenCV Python

Core Operations :
cv.split, cv.merge, cv.resize, cv.add, cv.addWeighted, ROI
Bitwise Operations (bitwise AND, OR, NOT and XOR)
How to Bind Trackbar To OpenCV Windows

Image Processing in OpenCV :
Object Detection and Object Tracking Using HSV Color Space
Simple Image Thresholding
Adaptive Thresholding
matplotlib with OpenCV
Morphological Transformations
Smoothing Images | Blurring Images OpenCV
Image Gradients and Edge Detection
Canny Edge Detection in OpenCV
Image Pyramids with Python and OpenCV
Image Blending using Pyramids in OpenCV
Find and Draw Contours with OpenCV in Python
Motion Detection and Tracking Using Opencv Contours
Detect Simple Geometric Shapes using OpenCV in Python
Understanding image Histograms using OpenCV Python
Template matching using OpenCV in Python

Hough Transform :
Probabilistic Hough Transform using HoughLinesP in OpenCV
Hough Line Transform Theory
Hough Line Transform using HoughLines method in OpenCV
Circle Detection using OpenCV Hough Circle Transform

Road Lane Line Detection Mini Project :
Road Lane Line Detection with OpenCV (Part 1)
Road Lane Line Detection with OpenCV (Part 2)
Road Lane Line Detection with OpenCV (Part 3)

Face and Eye Detection :
Face Detection using Haar Cascade Classifiers
Eye Detection Haar Feature based Cascade Classifiers

Detect Corners :
Detect Corners with Harris Corner Detector
Detect Corners with Shi Tomasi Corner Detector

Stand Alone Executable :
Creating a Stand Alone Executable