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One Month Project Management

Video Introducing this tutorial

Week 1 :
What's In A Name?
Going Through A Phase (Of Project Management)
Initiation Phase: With Great Power, Etc...
Spec-Tacular Planning
The Iron Triangle
A Brief History Of (Estimating) Time
Resource Costs Are People!
Gantt You Break It Down?
Scoping Out Your Scope
Alice Needs a Cake
Challenge 1 - Go Ask Alice
Alice Explains It All
Challenge 2 - You May Now Schedule Your Deliverables
Example Answers: Colorin' The Frame

Week 2 :
Execution: Let's Do This Discrete Series Of Things!
Who Manages The Tasks? (Task Managers)
You Say Goodbye, I Say Trello
Safe On Basecamp
Asana Is Buckets Of Fun
Other Tools - Screen Sharing Is Caring
Other Tools - Go Team Gantt
Other Tools - Avoid A Failure To Communicate
Challenge 3 - Dive Into Task Managers
Example Answer - On-Trello-Boarding Our Cake

Week 3 :
How To Win Friends And Make Them Keep To A Schedule
Another Post On The Wall: Communication
Emails Are The Worst
Be The Leader You Want To See In The Meeting
When Everything is On Fire
What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (A Lot).
Spare Some Change
Closing Time
Challenge 4: Pull Out Your Red Pen
Example Answers - ONA-ing The Difference

Week 4 :
Step 1: Have Your Cake And Kickstart It Too
Ask Your Sponsor Anything
Pumping Iron (Triangles)
Not Just A Game Of Global Domination
Scheduling: Declare Your Interdependence
Any Way You Want It, That's The Way You Task Manage It
The 5th Element - Of Project Management

Bonus Content :
Risk Management
Sponsor Interview In Action
Real World Project Management
Community Challenge

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