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Object Oriented PHP & MVC

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Intro & Setup :
Welcome To The Course
Project Files & Questions
XAMPP Environment Setup

Intro To OOP PHP :
About This Section
What Is OOP?
Classes, Properties & Methods
The Constructor & Destructor
Access Modifiers, Getters & Setters
Class Inheritance
Static Methods & Properties

The Framework [Part 1] - The Core :
What Is MVC?
Workflow Explanation
Creating The Folder Structure
Direct Everything Through index.php
Bootstrap FIle & Core Class
Loading The Controller From The URL
Mapping Methods & Parameters

The Framework [Part 2] - MVC Workflow :
Base Controller Class
Loading Views
Config File & Uploader
Header & Footer Includes
Aside - PDO Crash Course
The Database Class - Part 1
The Database Class - Part 2
Clean Up

The App [1] - Setup & User Authentication :
Initial App & Database Setup
Pages, Bootstrap & Navbar
Creating The Users Controller
Register & Login Form Views
Form Validation
User Model & Email Check
User Registration
Custom Flash Messaging
User Login
User Session Data & Logout

The App [2] - Posts Functionality :
Posts Controller
Posts Access Control
Post Model & Display
Add Post Form
Inserting Posts
Post Show Details Page
Editing Posts
Deleting Posts

App Deployment :
Deploying Our App

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