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Numbers for Mac – A Journey from Beginning to Advance level

Introduction and Welcome :
Introduction and Welcome

Getting Started :
Numbers' Interface
Saving,Opening,Renaming and Duplicating Numbers file

Working with Sheets. :
Introduction to Sheets.
Adding multiple Sheets
Renaming Sheets.
Duplicating and Deleting Sheets.
Moving Sheets around.

Working with Tables. :
Introduction to Tables
Renaming Tables and Table Style
Headers and Footers
Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns.
Hiding and Unhiding Rows and Columns
Table font size , outline and gridlines
Alternating colour and size of row and column
Adding new table within a sheet

Working With Cells :
Naming of Cells
Entering Content in cell, copy and move data between cells
Applying a fill to a cell, cell border
Using Autofill to fill cell
Formatting cell content
Merging cells

Working With Formulas :
Simple Formula
Complex Formulas
Custom Formula
Grouping Formulas
Count Function
IF function
Absolute and Relative Referencing

Working With Charts. :
Introduction To Charts
Creating Custom Charts
Creating 3D and Interactive Charts

Working With Shapes :
Inserting Text and Shape in a Worksheet

Data Analysis :
Data Sorting
Data Filtering
Creating Custom Filter

Making Interactive Sheets :
Making Interactive Sheet : Checkbox
Making Interactive Sheet : Star Rating
Making Interactive Sheet : Slider
Making Interactive Sheet : PopUp Menu
Making Interactive Sheet : Custom Format

Added Features and Tricks :
Connecting Different Sheets Together
Customising The Toolbar
Conditional Highlighting
Sharing and Exporting File
Locking And Password Protecting Numbers File
Printing Numbers File
Shortcut For Inserting Rows and Columns

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