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Number System for Programmers

Introduction to the course. :

Concept of Number and Different Number System. :
First, let's understand number and BASE of a Number system.
Quiz 1
1 question
Understanding the Base clearly, how it works.
Quiz 2
1 question
Standard Number Systems other than Decimal.
Quiz 3
2 questions

Octal Number System. :
Understanding Octal Number. Octal to Decimal Conversion.
Quiz 4
2 questions
Let's now learn how to convert a Decimal integer into equivalent Octal.
Quiz 5
2 questions
Convert Octal number with fractional part (That is with Radix point) to decimal.
Quiz 6
2 questions
How to convert real decimal number with decimal point to equivalent Octal.
Quiz 7
2 questions
Procedure for adding Octal numbers.
Quiz 8
2 questions
How to do subtraction with Octal numbers.
Quiz 9
1 question

Hexadecimal Number System. :
Hexadecimal Number System - Converting a Hex number to equivalent decimal.
Quiz 10
2 questions
Decimal to Hexadecimal conversion.
Quiz 11
2 questions
Addition of Hexadecimal Numbers.
Quiz 12
2 questions
Subtraction in Hexadecimal.
Quiz 13
1 question

Binary Number System :
Binary Numbers, how to convert a binary number to equivalent decimal.
Quiz 14
2 questions
Decimal to binary conversion.
Quiz 15
2 questions
Let us add binary numbers
Quiz 16
2 questions
Subtraction in Binary System using traditional method.
Quiz 17
2 questions
Memory Unit
Quiz 18
3 questions

Signed integer representation (Best understood if done in a single sitting) :
Introduction to signed integer representation.
Quiz 19
4 questions
Understanding the complement.
Quiz 20
3 questions
Idea of doing subtraction using complements.
Lets do subtraction of binary numbers using 1s and 2s complement technique.
More on 2s complement
On 2s complement.
2 questions
Range of values in 2s complement representation.
2s Complement signed integer range.
3 questions

Build a number system of your own. :
Build a new number system of your own.

Real number representation - IEEE 754 :
Introduction to real number representation.
How decimal reals are converted to IEEE 754 single precision format.
How to convert a IEEE 754 single precision binary format to decimal.
How biased exponent helps.