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Non-Profit Management Tools For Success

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome to the Course! :
Welcome to the Course!

A Tool Box For Early Success :
Course Toolbox: Get Your Free Workbooks Here
Policy Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Power Analysis
Cost Benefit Analysis

Management And Decision Making Strategies :
Eisenhower Matrix
Pareto Effect
Long Tail Effect

Conflict Resolution :
Conflict Resolution Model
Integration Model
Feedback Model

How to conduct performance reviews :
How to deliver a performance review
Useful performance review phrases
How to prepare for your review
How to ask for a salary increase and promotion

The Theory of Change :
What is the Theory of Change?
Phase 1: Test your assumptions
Phase 2: Define your target customers
Phase 3: Describe your strategies
Phase 4: Determine your envisaged outcomes
Phase 5: Reflect on the process

Finances: An Overview :
Framing this section
How to Analyze Financial Statements and Save Money
What is an Income Statement?
What is a Balance Sheet?
Stakeholders Equity: An Overview
Revenues: An Overview
Liabilities: An Overview
Assets: An Overview

How To Conduct a Needs Analysis :
Introduction to the Needs Analysis
Step 1: Surveillance
Step 2: Investigation
Step 3: Analysis
Design training
Step 4: Report

Policy Analysis: Six Easy Steps :
Introducing the policy problem
The difference between policy and the law
Step 1: Define and understand the problem
Step 2: Policy alternatives
Step 3: Define the variables
Step 4: Conduct the analysis
Step 5: Confront the tradeoffs
Step 6: Write the report

Leading Diverse Teams :
Leading Across Lines Of Difference
Race and Ethnicity
Socio-Economic Status
Sexual Orientation

Bonus Section :
Connect with your instructor Warren!
Sshhh! Surprise Inside