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Node:js : Building Rest Apis with Sails.js

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to Sails.js :
What is Sails.js
Installing Node.js
Installing Sails.js
Creating Sails Project
Understanding App structure

Understanding sails blueprints :
Create A New Api
Restful Routes
Shortcut Routes
Action Routes

Connecting Sails app to database :
Installing Mongodb
Installing RoboMongo
Connecting Sails To Mongodb
Connecting Sails To Mysql

Building models :
Creating Post Model
Installing Sails Autoreload hook
Creating Category model
Creating User model
Adding Relationship With User and Post
Adding Relationship with Post and Category

CRUD(Create,Read,Update,Delete) in Sails.js :
Setting Up Routes
Creating New Category with Callback Way
Creating new Post with Callback Way
Creating Post and Category With Promises Way
Creating Post and Category With Async.js
Debugging Sails App in Webstorm
Creating Post and Category with Async/Await
Get single Post
Get all Posts
Delete Post
Update Post

Adding jwt Authentication :
Creating AuthController and Routes
Signup User
Add Encrypted Password
Remove Password from Response
Login user
Compare User Password
Generating token for User
Polices in Sails.js
Verify Jwt Token
Create isAuthenticated Policy
Apply isAuthenticated Policy
Debugging Polices in Sails.js
Refactor User in Create Post

Bonus Lecture :
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