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Node with SocketIO: Build A Full Web Chat App From Scratch

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Read Text
Tools For this Course
Please Ask Questions
Install Node

Setup Express and Dependable Modules :
Setup Git Repo
NPM Initialization
Install Express Framework
Dependable Module Description
Install Dependency Injection Module
Export Dependency Container File
Setup Express
Add Express Promise Router
Express Configuration Function
Setup Users Get Route
3 questions

Users Local Registration :
Section Introduction
Install Modules For Project Setup
Install Passport Module
Signup Get Route
Add Signup Page and Form
User Model and Schema
Setup Passport For Local Authentication
Passport Local Signup
Encrypt Password
Signup Post Route
Create New User
Signup Validation - Part 1
Signup Validation - Part 2
Add Validation Function to Route
Display Signup Errors
User Login Form
Passport Local Login
Display Login Errors
2 questions

Users Social Authentication :
Section Introduction
Add Facebook Button
Style Facebook Button
Passport Facebook Strategy
Facebook Developers App
App Secret File
Facebook Passport Middleware
Passport Facebook Route
Fix Secret File Error
Signup User With Facebook
Facebook Login
Google Signup Button
Passport Google OAuth Strategy
Google Developers App
Google App Ids
Google Passport Middleware
Passport Google Route
Change Google OAuth Scope
Signup user With Google

Amazon Web Service Buckets :
Section Introduction
Admin Group Form
Admin Page Route
Clubs Schema and Model
Upload File (Client Side) - Part 1
Upload File (Client Side) - Part 2
Formidable Module
Add File to Local Directory With Formidable
Upload File To Local Directory
Get Amazon Web Service Keys
Create AWS S3 Bucket
Install AWS SDK
AWS Upload File Functionality - Part 1
AWS Upload File Functionality - Part 2
Upload Any Method
Save Club Data to Database
Upload File to S3 Bucket
Section Conclusion
4 questions

Home Page Section :
Section Introduction
Home Page Controller
Add Home HTML File
Navbar Brand CSS
Navbar Link CSS
Style Filter Button
Install Async Module
Retrieve Club Data
Display Club Data
Retrieve Files Form S3 Bucket
Array Chunk Size
Display Array Chunks
MongoDB Aggregate Method Description
MongoDB Aggregate Function
Display Aggregate Result
Country Sort
Image Anchor Tag
2 questions

Group Chat Section :
Section Introduction
Add Group Chat Route
Group Chat Page HTML
Navbar Partials Description
Install Client
Listen for First Connection Event
Emit Message Event
Listen for Message Event
Emit Join Event
Send Channel Message
Add Message Sender
Add HTML For Chat Display
Render Message With Mustache
ES6 Class Method - Part 1
ES6 Class Method - Part 2
User Class Add Method
Emit Users List
Display Users List
User Class Remove Method Disconnect Event
Number of Connected Users
Style Modal
Friend Request Logic
Username Display on Navbar
Friend Request Fields
Friend Request Files Setup
Display Username on Modal
Friend Request Join Event
Emit Friend Request Event
Listen for Friend Request Event
Group Chat Post Route
Receiver Document Update
Sender Document Update
Friend Request Dropdown
Get User Data
Display Request in Dropdown
Friend Request Notification
Add Sender Name
Accept Request Functionality
Update Receiver Function - Part 1
Update Receiver Function - Part 2
Add Ajax Method to Event
Cancel Request Functionality
5 questions

Users Global Event :
Add Navbar to Home Page
Add to Favorite Ajax Method
Add to Favorite Post Route
Create Global Class
Emit Global Room Event
Emit Global Users
Logged in Users Event
Display Logged in Friend Name
Style Friend Name
Global Room Disconnection
Logout Functionality
Filter Results Page
Filter Results Post Route
Search Results
Replace URL Space

Private Chat Section :
Section Introduction
Private Chat Route
Private Chat Template
Fix Private Chat URL
Deparam Function
Swap Function
Emit Private Chat Join Event
Display Private Chat
Display Username
Message Dropdown
Private Message Schema and Model
Private Chat Post Route
Save Private Message to Database
Message Aggregate Functionality
Display Aggregate Results
Display Number of Messages
Display Messages in Dropdown
Message Refresh Event
Get User Private Messages
Display Private Messages in Database
Add Data Value Property
Update Private Message Collection
Display PM on Home Navbar
Display PM on Group Chat Navbar
Group Chat Message Schema
Save Group Messages to Database
Fix Name Field in Database
Display Group Messages From Database
Members Page
Search Users
Function to Swap Two Values
1 question

Users Profile Section :
Section Introduction
User Profile Page
Profile Page HTML
New Properties in User Model
Profile Page Navbar
User Profile Image Upload
Upload Profile Image to AWS
Profile Page Ajax Method
Profile Page Post Route
Display Profile Image
Automatic Display of Profile Pic
Update Profile Route
Display User Data
Add User Interest Page
Interest Page HTML
Favorite Club Ajax Method
Save Favorite Club Data to Database
Display Favorite Clubs
Save and Display Favorite Players
Display Favorite National Teams
User's Overview Page
Fix Overview Page Issue
Overview Page Post Route
Display Images
Display Images in Dropdown - Part 1
Display Images in Dropdown - Part 2
Add CSS to Users Images
Display User Image on Private Chat Page
Display Friend Request Images

Football News Section :
Section Introduction
News Get Route
HTML Code For News Page
Guardian API
Display News Images
Display Football News Headlines
Display News Summary
Add Image Responsive Class
Add CSS Styles to Date
Format Date
Load More Button
Load More Button CSS
Load More Data Functionality
Back to Top Functionality
Change Animate Time

Heroku Deployment :
Section Introduction
Helmet and Compression Modules
Create Database in Mlab
Add Clubs Collection
Environment Variables
404 Middleware
Git Push
Create heroku App
Create Procfile
Install Forever Module
Add Config vars to Heroku App
Fix Config Vars Errors
Setup Heroku Automatic Deploy
Point Domain to Heroku
Add Naked Domain
Enable Session Affinity

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