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Node.js API Masterclass With Express & MongoDB

Welcome To The Course :
Course Introduction
A Look At The Project
Optional Node.js Beginner Crash Course
Environment Setup

HTTP Intro - Headers, Body, Status Codes, etc :
HTTP & the Node Http Module
Installing Nodemon
Responding With Data
HTTP Status Codes
Sending Data To The Server
HTTP Methods & RESTful APIs

Starting Our DevCamper Project :
Project Specs & Resources
Basic Express Server, dotenv & Git
Creating Routes & Responses In Express
Using The Express Router
Creating Controller Methods
Intro To Middleware
Postman Environment & Collections

Getting Started With MongoDB & Bootcamps Resource :
MongoDB Atlas & Compass Setup
Connecting To The Database With Mongoose
Colors In The Console
Creating Our First Model
Create Bootcamp - POST
Fetching Bootcamps - GET
Updating & Deleting Bootcamps - PUT & DELETE

Custom Error Handling & Mongoose Middleware :
Error Handler Middleware
Custom ErrorResponse Class
Mongoose Error Handling [1]
Mongoose Error Handling [2]
Async/Await Middleware
Mongoose Middleware & Slugify
GeoJSON Location & Geocoder Hook - MapQuest API

Mongoose Advanced Querying & Relationships :
Database Seeder For Bootcamps
Geospatial Query - Get Bootcamps Within Radius
Advanced Filtering
Select & Sorting
Adding Pagination
Course Model & Seeding
Course Routes & Controller
Populate, Virtuals & Cascade Delete
Single Course & Add Course
Update & Delete Course
Aggregate - Calculating The Average Course Cost
Photo Upload For Bootcamp
Advanced Results Middleware

Authentication, Users & Permissions - Part 1 :
User Model
User Register & Encrypting Passwords
Sign & Get JSON Web Token
User Login
Sending JWT In a Cookie
Auth Protect Middleware
Storing The Token In Postman
Role Authorization

Authentication, Users & Permissions - Part 2 :
Bootcamp & User Relationship
Bootcamp Ownership
Course Ownership
Forgot Password - Generate Token
Forgot Password - Send Email
Reset Password
Update User Details
Admin Users CRUD

Bootcamp Reviews & Ratings :
Review Model & Get Reviews
Get Single Review & Update Seeder
Add Review For Bootcamp
Aggregate - Calculate Average Rating
Update & Delete Reviews

API Security :
Logout To Clear Token Cookie
Prevent NoSQL Injection & Sanitize Data
XSS Protection & Security Headers
Rate Limiting, HPP & CORS

Documentation & Deploy :
Documentation With Postman & Docgen
Digital Ocean Droplet & Server Log In
Prepare & Push To Github
Clone Repo On Server
PM2 Process Manager Setup
NGINX Reverse Proxy Setup
Domain, SSL & Wrap Up