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NestJs: Modern ways to build APIs with Typescript and NestJs

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting started with NestJs :
Introduction to NestJs
Routing in NestJs
Access Express request Object in NestJs
Define Resources
Status Code, Redirection and Route Parameters

Typescript Foundations (Optional) :
What are Generics
Typescript Setup and Installation
Generic Function
Generic Function T Array Type
Generic Function with Multiple Type Variables
Generic Constraints
Generic Interfaces to describe Object Properties
Create Interface to describe Function Type
Generic Classes and Interfaces
Introduction to Decorators
Arguments in Method Decorator
Configurable Decorator using Decorator Factory.
Property Decorator
Parameter Decorator
Class Decorator

CRUD With NestJs :
Module Introduction
Create Post Endpoint to Save Record in Array
Request Payload in NestJs
FindAll and Delete Endpoint

Pipes and Validations :
What are Pipes
Add Validations using ValidationPipe
Understand How ValidationPipe works

Middlewares and ExceptionFilters :
What are Middlewares
Creating a Custom Logging Middleware
Creating HttpException Filter

Interceptors :
What are Interceptors
Create Interceptor to Transform the Response

Connecting NestJs app with TypeORM and Mysql :
Installing Mysql server
Connect NestJs to Mysql using TypeORM
Create an Entity to map a Database Table
Save new record in MySQL Database Table
Get, Update, and Delete Record

Relations between Entities :
Adding One to One Relation between Entities
CRUD with One to One Relationship
Adding One to Many or Many to Many Relation between Entities
Adding Many to Many Relation between Entities

Connected NestJs App to MongoDB using Mongoose :
Installing MongoDB
Connecting NestJs App with MongoDB

Authentication :
Introduction to Authentication
Implement Signup User
Implement Login User
Introduction to PassportJs
Authenticate User using Passport-JWT Strategy

Create Documentation for REST APIs using Swagger :
Configure Swagger with NestJs app
Add Documentation for Swagger

Deployment :
Deploy NestJs app to MLab and Zeit Now

Connect NestJs to PostgreSQL and Sequlize :
Install PostgreSQL
Connect NestJs app to Sequelize using Postgres

GraphQL Basics :
What is GraphQL
Difference Between GraphQL and REST
GraphQL Query
Working with HackerNewsAPI
Arguments in GraphQL
Required Arguments in GraphQL
GraphQL Schema and Types
Aliases in GraphQL
Fragments In GraphQL
Nested Fields in GraphQL
Operations In GraphQL
Variables In GraphQL
Mutations In GraphQL
Directives In GraphQL

Build GraphQL APIs with NestJs :
GraphQL Setup with NestJs
CRUD API with GraphQL and NestJs
Resolve Parent Object in Resolvers

Bonus: Building REST APIs with NodeJs, Mongoose, and ExpressJs :
Project Starter Template
Initial Setup for Nodejs and Express Server
Connecting Nodejs Application with MongoDB using Mongoose
Create Nodejs Project Structure Feature by Feature
Create a Model in Mongoose
Add Validations for Request Params in NodeJs using Joi package
Create a new Record in MongoDB by using HTTP POST Endpoint
Find All Records from MongoDB using HTTP GET Endpoint
Add Pagination in Mongoose
Find Single Record from MongoDB using HTTP GET Endpoint
Delete Record from MongoDB using HTTP DELETE Endpoint
Update Record from MongoDB using HTTP PUT Endpoint