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Must Learn Programming for every Freshers – Java & Python

Video Introducing this tutorial

Java Programming - Setup Environment :
Java Installation
Eclipse Installation

Jump into Java programming :
Eclipse basics
Start Java programming - Project & Package
Variables & Constant
Class & Object
Methods in details

Condition Handling and Looping :
Condition Handling
For Each Loop
Java While Loop
Do while loop
For Each loop

String Handling :
String Handling : Part1
String Handling : Part2
String Handling : Part3

File Handling :
Read file by File Reader
Read data by Buffered Reader
Write data by File Writer
Write data by BufferedWriter

Keywords :
This Keyword
Static Keyword
Final Keyword

OOPS In Detail :
What is Inheritance
Single Inheritance
Multilevel Inheritance
Hierarchical Inheritance

Working with Excel (Apache POI ) :
Setup Apache POI
Read Data from Excel file
Find number of rows and columns
Read complete data from excel sheet
Read Different formatted data
Write data to File
POI - Exercise 1
POI - Exercise 2

Python for Software Testers :
Python and Pydev setup

Python programming kick off :
Python programming kick start
Python Coding Guidelines
Variables in Python
Working with String
Python : List
Python : Tuple
Python : Dictionary
Python : Condition Handling
Python : Loops

Advance Python programming :
Python : Functions
File handling in Python
Python : Read data from excel file(XLRD)
Python : Write data to excel file(XLWT)
Exception handling in python
Python : Class & Object
Python : Module