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Udemy Music Composition with the Piano: Ultimate Keyboard Theory

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Overview of the course
Preliminary things
Video Quality
Free Online Lesson/Chat

Up & Running with Chords & Melodies :
The Grid
The Chromatic Scale
Creating a Major Key
Creating Chords Inside of a Key
Naming Notes on the Piano
ASSIGNMENT: Simple Ambient Track
EXAMPLE: Simple Ambient Track

Gravity: Harmonic Centers :
Establishing Gravity with Keys
The Circle of Fifths: Major Key Gravity
Creating a Minor Scale & Key
Circle of Fifths: Minor Key Gravity
Learning All Keys
Assignment: Transposing Chords & Melodies
Get Composing! :)

Piano Technique: The Key to Fluency :
Technique & Fluency at the Piano
Hand Positions & Fingerings
Wandering Hands Backing Tracks
ASSIGNMENT: Wandering Hands Track
EXAMPLE: Wandering Hands Track

Diatonic Harmony: Chords & Progressions Inside Keys :
Introduction to Chords in a Key (Diatonic Harmony)
Analysing 1000+ Tunes
Common Chord Progressions & Conventions
30% Different - Changing Standard Chord Progressions
Chord 5 in a Minor Key
Harmony Cheat Sheet: Stage 1

Melody Over Harmony :
Tension & Resolution
Chord Tones
Non Chord Tones
The Feelings of Different Intervals
Layering & Overlapping
Non-diatonic Tones
The Pentatonic Scale
Patterns: The Way to Think About Your Music
ASSIGNMENT: Melody Writing
EXAMPLE: Melody Writing

Structuring Harmony: Extending & Creating New Harmonic Sections :
Roman Numerals in Analysis
Harmonic Structure
Repeating Harmony
Repeating Harmony Example Track
Small Changes in Harmony
Varying Your Bass Lines
Modulation: New Centres of Gravity
Composing 3 Different Sections
3 Different Sections Example

Chord Voicings & Arrangement :
Introduction to Voicing
Examples of Arpeggiation In Context
Closed & Open Position Chords
Voice Leading
Grace Notes
Accompanying Singers Assignment
Accompanying Singers Example
Orchestral String Writing Assignment
Orchestral String Writing Example
Another Example of Voice Leading
Harmony Cheat Sheet: Level 2

Bass Lines :
Bass Lines Introduction
Voice Leading & Passing Notes
Bass Line Riffs

Chromatic Harmony: Chords From Scratch :
Introduction to Chords from Scratch
In Depth: Chords from Scratch
How to Create Triads from Scratch
Suspension chords
Working out the key of a song
Modulation & Secondary Dominants
Pushing Out the Key Example Track

Upper Structures :
How to Create 7th Chords
Diminished & Augmented 7th Chords
How to Create 9th Chords
Adding 11th & 13ths to Your Chords
Upper Structure Composing Assignments
Upper Structure Composing Example
Upper Structure Re-harmonizing Example

Reading Chord Symbols :
How to Read Chords and Chord Symbols
Harmony Cheat Sheet: Level 3

Problem Solving :
Where Do I Start?: Generating Material with Rules
Patterns, Patterns, Patterns...
Problem Solving

Harmonic Rhythm :
Introduction to Harmonic Rhythm
Passing Chords & Reharmonisation
Reharmonisation Assignment

Melodic Rhythm :
Melodic Rhythm
Phrasing & Space
Phrasing & Melodic Rhythm Assignment

Accompaniment & Arrangement Rhythms :
Standard Accompaniment Patterns (with commentary)
Standard Accompaniment Patterns (no commentary)
Musical Layers & Alignment
Adding Very Subtle Misalignment in Tracks
The Chord Progression Manual

Advanced Melodic Colors :
What Scales Go with What Chords?
The Blues Scale
Harmonic & Melodic Minor Scales
The Scale Omnibus
Paired Pentatonics

Chord Relationships & Thematic Writing :
Introduction to Chord Relationships
Chord Relationship & Arpeggiation Assignment
Chord Relationship & Arpeggiation Example Breakdown
Writing Themes

Conclusion :