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Modern Web Design & Development: Creating a PWA in Angular

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Welcome to the Course!

Codepen Introduction :
Codepen & Video Background
Codepen Video Background
1 question

Setting up Environment :
Installations & Main Setup
Angular & Firebase Setup

PWA / Design / Planning :
What is a Progressive Web App?
Design Principles
Portfolio Planning
Creating Portfolio Sections
Section 4 Code

Home Section :
Home Section Overview
Video Background
Custom Google Fonts
Importing Font Awesome Icons
Section 5 Code

Desktop Navigation :
Desktop Navigation Overview
Building & Styling Navigation
Navigation Functionality
Section 6 Code

About Section :
About Section Overview
About Layout HTML
About Layout CSS
Section 7 Code

Projects Section :
Projects Section Overview
Photopea Mockup
Projects Layout HTML
Projects Layout CSS
Section 8 Code

Contact Section :
Contact Section Overview
Video / Image Background
Business Card Mockup
Section 9 Code

Footer Section :
Footer Layout HTML & CSS
Section 10 Code

Resume Component :
Resume Component Code
Angular Component Integration
Section 11 Code

Responsive Design :
Responsive Design Overview
Section 12 (A) Code
Large Smartphone (Vertical)
Modifying Desktop Menu
Section 12 (B) Code
Hamburger Menu Styling
Hamburger Menu Functionality
Large Smartphone (Horizontal)
Responsive Design Conclusion
Section 12 (Blank Media Queries) Code
Section 12 (Final Media Queries) Code

Optimizing & Hosting :
Optimizing & Hosting Overview
Making an Icon / Favicon
Lighthouse Audit & Meta Tags
Building - Optimizing - Hosting
PWA on Smartphones
Final Project Code
Portfolio Project
1 question

Conclusion :
Conclusion & Thank You