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Modern React with Redux

An Intro to React :
Introduction - Github Links for Project Files!
Completed Projects - Github Links
The Purpose of Boilerplate Projects
Environment Setup
Project Setup
A Taste of JSX
More on JSX
ES6 Import Statements
ReactDOM vs React
Differences Between Component Instances and Component Classes
Render Targets
Component Structure
Youtube Search API Signup
Export Statements
Class-Based Components
Handling User Events
Introduction to State
More on State
Controlled Components
Breather and Review

Ajax Requests with React :
Youtube Search Response
Refactoring Functional Components to Class Components
Building Lists with Map
List Item Keys
Video List Items
Detail Component and Template Strings
Handling Null Props
Video Selection
Styling with CSS
Searching for Videos
Throttling Search Term Input
React Wrapup

Modeling Application State :
Foreword on Redux
What is Redux?
More on Redux
Even More on Redux!

Managing App State with Redux :
Putting Redux to Practice
Containers - Connecting Redux to React
Containers Continued
Implementation of a Container Class
Containers and Reducers Review
Actions and Action Creators
Binding Action Creators
Creating an Action
Consuming Actions in Reducers
Consuming Actions in Reducers Continued
Conditional Rendering
Reducers and Actions Review

Intermediate Redux: Middleware :
App Overview and Planning
Component Setup
Controlled Components and Binding Context
Form Elements in React
Working with API's
Introduction to Middleware
Ajax Requests with Axios
Redux-Promise in Practice
Redux-Promise Continued
Avoiding State Mutations in Reducers
Building a List Container
Mapping Props to a Render Helper
Quick Note
Adding Sparkline Charts
Making a Reusable Chart Component
Labeling of Units
Google Maps Integration
Google Maps Integration Continued
Project Review

React Router + Redux Form :
Important Note - Do Not Skip!
App Overview and Goals
Exploring the Posts Api
Installing React Router
React Router - What is It?
Setting Up React Router
Route Configuration
Nesting Of Routes
IndexRoutes with React Router
Back To Redux - Index Action
Catching Data with Posts Reducer
Catching Data with Posts Reducer Continued
Fetching Data with Lifecycle Methods
Fetching Data with Lifecycle Methods Continued
Creating New Posts
Navigation with the Link Component
Forms and Form Submission
More on Forms and Form Submission
Passing Control to Redux Form
CreatePost Action Creator
Form Validation
Form Validation Continued
Navigating on Submit
Posts Index
Dynamic Route Params
Loading Data on Render
Handling Null Props
Delete Action Creator
Navigate on Delete
ReactRouter and ReduxForm Wrapup

Bonus - RallyCoding :
Basics of Redux Thunk
Combining Redux and Firebase
Dynamic Forms with Redux Form
Logicless Components with Reselect
Data Loading Methods with Redux
Animation of React Components
The Best Way to Store Redux Data
Four Most Common Errors with React and Redux
Modals in React and Redux Apps
Deployment of React/Webpack Apps
BrowserHistory in Production
React Integration with 3rd Party Libraries
Introducing JSPlaygrounds for Rapid Prototyping

More to Come! :
Still want more React?
React Source

React Router + Redux Form :
Important Note
App Overview and Goals
Posts API
Quick Note
Installing React Router
What React Router Does
The Basics of React Router
Route Design
Our First Route Definition
State as an Object
Back to Redux - Index Action
Implementing Posts Reducer
Action Creator Shortcuts
Rendering a List of Posts
Creating New Posts
A React Router Gotcha
Navigation with the Link Component
Redux Form
Setting Up Redux Form
The Field Component
Generalizing Fields
Validating Forms
Showing Errors to Users
Handling Form Submittal
Form and Field States
Conditional Styling
More on Navigation
Create Post Action Creator
Navigation Through Callbacks
The Posts Show Component
Receiving New Posts
Selecting from OwnProps
Data Dependencies
Caching Records
Deleting a Post

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