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Modern C++ Memory Management: Learn to write good code fast

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction and Getting Started :
Memory model introduction
Memory management introduction
Demo: When does memory leaks happen
Demo: The stack, the free store and the heap
Stack, free store and the heap
3 questions
Demo: Dangling Pointer

Elements of Modern C++ :
RAII - Resource Acquisition Is Initialization
Solid Objects and scoped objects
Introducing the Smart Pointers
Unique pointer
Demo: Unique Pointer
The Unique Pointer
3 questions
Shared Pointer
Demo: Shared Pointer
Shared pointer
3 questions
Weak Pointer
Demo: Weak Pointer
Demo: using the vector class
6 questions

Solving Errors using Modern C++ :
Why your class may need a virtual destructor
Demo: solving the dangling pointer
Demo: Dealing with legacy code