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Mobile Automation with Robot Framework (RED, Appium, Python)

Introduction :
Mobile Architecture
Types of Mobile Automation
Mobile Emulator and Mobile Cloud
Mobile Automation Basics
4 questions

Installation of Robot Framework and RED (Windows) :
Install python
Install RED editor
Install Robot Framework
Create first project in RED
Install Appium
Install Android Studio
Creating Emulators

Install and work with Appium and Android Studio :
Basics of Appium - I
Basics of Appium - II
Basics of Appium - III
Handling sessions in Appium with Desired Capabilities
Working with Appium GUI
Working with Emulator

Working with RED Editor :
RED Editor Test Case Structure
RED Editor Variables
RED Editor File Formats
RED Editor Settings
RED Editor
6 questions

UI Automator :
UI Automator - I
UI Automator - II
Launch App on Android phone
1 question

Locators for Mobile Elements :
ID Locator
Submit Locator
Radio Button
Input Text
XPath Locator
More Keywords
Mobile elements
5 questions

End to End Test Automation - Flight Application :
Invalid username
No username
No password
No username and password
Incorrect password
Login to Flight App
End to End - Book a Flight
Regular Expressions
End to End Automation - Search Flight
1 question
End to End Automation - Check In
1 question

Resume Building tips and Interview Questions :
Resume Building Tips