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Mobile App Development with PhoneGap

Video Introducing this tutorial

About the Course :
About the Course
About the Instructor

Getting Started :
Quickstart: Making Your First PhoneGap App
Tools of the Trade
Creating a New PhoneGap Project
Testing a PhoneGap Project in the Browser
Testing a PhoneGap Project on a Phone
Including the jQuery UI Model

User Interface :
Section Introduction
Creating a Multipage UI
Collapsable Content Blocks
Control Groups
Flip Switch
The ListView

Storage :
Section Introduction
The Local Storage Object
Creating a Table and Storing Data
Retrieving Data

Geolocation :
Section Introduction
Obtaining Device Location
Using Location Information with Google Places
Using Location Information with Google Maps

Media :
Section Introduction
Playing Audio and Video Content
Controlling Play Back of Media
Adjust Volume of Media
Media Position and Duration

Device Accelerometer :
Section Introduction
Reading the Accelerometer
Moving an Object with the Accelerometer

Taking Pictures :
Section Introduction
Setting Picture Options
Obtaining the Image
Returning Thumbnails
Selecting a Picture from The Library

Gestures :
Section Introduction
The Hammer.js Library for Gestures
Detecting Gestures
Taps and Presses
Swipes and Pans

Working with the Hardware :
Section Introduction
Device Info Plugin
Device Orientation Plugin
Network Information Plugin
Battery Status Plugin

Push Notifications :
Section Introduction
Setting up the CLI
Connecting to a Device
Sending a Notification
Sending a Notification in an App

Wrapping Up :
Section Introduction
Adobe PhoneGap Build
CLI Build

Building a Complete App :
Section Introduction
Looking at the UI
Examining the Web Service
Reviewing the Code
Wrap Up and Goodbye