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Udemy MikroTik DoH against DNS spoofing attacks

Video Introducing this tutorial

Preparation for the LAB :
Main ideas that we need to do for the LAB to run
Connecting R1 to the internet, Upgrade RouterOS to v6.47 and share the internet
Downloading and installing Kali Linux
Installing Terminator, Leafpad and Bettercap on Kali Linux

Gathering information by the hacker :
What Hackers do first before starting their attack
Installing Zenmap on Kali Linux and scanning for live hosts on the network

Man in The Middle - ARP spoofing :
Introduction to ARP Spoofing
How ARP works and why Hackers spoof it
MITM using Bettercap tool in Kali Linux
Use one script file to run all Bettercap commands needed for ARP Spoofing

DNS Spoofing :
Introduction to DNS Spoofing
DNS spoofing using Kali Linux

DNS over Https (DoH) on MikroTik :
Introduction to DoH on MikroTik
Configuring DoH Server on MikroTik (without certificates)
Configuring DoH Server on MikroTik (with certificates)